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    What changed?

    Ireland-based cloud gaming platform GameSparks is now part of Amazon Web Services. If you are GameSparks customer or game developer, you are probably wondering what will happen to your back-end and what needs to be done to avoid disrupting the your business.


    No worries, we are here for you.

    We partner with Amazon to help you with the transition to the new service Amazon GameSparks or any alternative services which suit your game the best. Our cloud gaming engineers and architects are trained by AWS team about new back-end as a service and have huge on-field experience in gaming industry.

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    What can revolgy help you with?


    + Choose the right services for you
    + Machmaking, Leaderboards, Advertising, Dedicated Game Servers
    + Collect data for analytics
    + Make your developers satisfied
    + Redesign your legacy monolithic systems into microservices
    + Identity Check

    Important dates:

    July 22, 2021

    New accounts and new game creations are disabled as of July 22, 2021. Additionally, you will not be able to copy a snapshot from an existing game to create a new game. GameSparks will continue to operate as-is until
    September 30, 2022, and there will not be any service quality changes until that time.

    March 31, 2022

    Publishing new games to Live stage will be disabled and game launch service limit increases will no longer be supported after March 31, 2022. Games that are published to the Live stage before March 31, 2022 can continue publishing new Live snapshots until September 30, 2022.

    September 30, 2022

    This is the last date to transition to the new service. You will not be able to login to GameSparks and will not have access to any data and APIs.

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