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Google Workspace

We can empower your teams with a range of technology and add-on solutions designed to provide you and your team with a customised Google Workspace experience based on the need of your business.

Google Workspace

Security and management tools

We will help you to understand and set up all the security tools and solutions like Admin, Endpoint and Vault.

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Add-on solutions

Pick one of our own add-on solutions for better security and visibility or to keep your company email signatures in shape all the time.

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Cloud Search

Use Google search inside your company’s Drives, Emails, Docs, Sheets and more within your own Chrome browser window.


Everything from anywhere, that's the Chrome environment. From browser, operating system to easy to setup and manage devices. Try Chrome OS for free with us to see all its benefits for your company.

Google Cloud

Compute Engine

Starting with the cloud can be easy. We will help you manage everything regarding functional GCP from Identity Management, Databases, Storage, Networking to Containers.


Write once, deploy anywhere with Google Anthos. Manage network policies, routing, security and help you with configuration management of workloads deployed across clusters.

API Management

Use API’s to your advantage. Design functional and secure APIs with Apigee and maintain your company processes with realtime data sharing within no-code internal applications made in AppSheet.

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How to make CRM speak the natural language? Learn how in our blogpost or see our case study with Conectys, where we implemented Dialogflow.

Google Maps Platform

Get quick access to Google Maps platform together with credits for the start.

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App development

Automatically deploy, scale and manage Kubernetes with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) with full advantage of Cloud Monitoring & Logging.

Data Analytics

Get relevant insights from unlocking the potential of your data. Bringing together data from multiple sources in BigQuery, for seamless analysis in Google Data Studio or more advanced business intelligence in Looker.

Amazon Web Services

Compute Engine

We will help you manage everything regarding functional AWS cloud platform. From AWS EC2, Lambda, Fargate, Elastic Cloud Kubernetes, Elastic Container Services.

Application Virtualization

Enable all users to securely access the data, applications, and resources they need, anywhere, anytime, from any supported device with Amazon AppStream 2.0.

AWS Cognito

We will help you to add user sign-up, sign-in, and access control to your web and mobile apps quickly and easily.

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Revolgy team received a top award

We are now Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner of the Year in the CEE region. What a blast! Learn how we achieved that and which companies we helped with AWS in blogpost.

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Solution partners

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We want our customers to feel secure when using cloud technologies. And Lacework, which ensures the security of everything you create in the cloud, is the best partner for us to do that. We love their approach to thinking of security as a tool to encourage innovation, not a blocker!

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JumpCloud’s mission is to Make (Remote) Work Happen®, by providing people secure access to the resources they need to do their jobs. At Revolgy we look to partner with organizations like JumpCloud who share common vision for customers. Discover more about our partnership.

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Other Technology


Use your data to its fullest thanks to Prometheus. Great visualisations and powerful queries done easily together with our engineers.


We will help you to use Grafana and mainly understand you data to make the best possible business decisions.


We have set guidelines for using Terraform on every infrastructure project to ensure the best possible results and code quality. We follow the best IaC practices to improve infrastructure disaster recovery, code quality and auditability.

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