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Cutting edge performance and security for the gaming industry

A push to adopt tools that allow for 3D production to be done remotely is the new normal. See how Virtual Game Studio on the public cloud can help you unite talents across the Globe, and boost creativity while protecting your most valuable assets.


Virtual studio, securely embedded in the cloud, helps you protect your valuable assets and prevent data leaks, breaches, and hacks. You achieve full compliance and auditability seamlessly.

Easy access

Leveraging the cloud gives everyone on your team the access they need. Starting a new team or project is as easy as spinning a new studio environment with oneclick.

Integrated workflow

Integrated workflow helps you create and deliver the assets around the globe faster. All supercharged by the unlimited computing power of the loud.

Your success is our mission

"I changed CAPEX to OPEX. I don't have to invest in technology anymore. Cloud resources become an operating expense. And because Gamechanger by Revolgy can be delivered as a managed service I don't need to have an IT department at all which makes my life way easier.”

David Toušek, Founder at 3Bohemians

Learn more about the solution in our technical case study.

"The Revolgy team are bringing the next evolution of Game Production in the cloud through virtual studios to the table allowing studios to adopt AWS services at a quicker pace and speed up their development times and go to market. The product and solution architecture are poised to make a significant impact and revolution on our customer service needs, gaming and visual artist industry in general.”

Anthony Mulhall, Snr. Account Manager for UK/Ireland, AWS Game Tech.

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Virtual Game Studio in the cloud

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What you will get:
  • Fully setup and manage Virtual Desktops
  • Switch between Desktop streaming protocols based on the needs
  • Create new persistent workstations from prepared templates
  • Integrate with your existing environment (VPN, SSO, Asset storage)
  • Live access to actual gamebuilds to enable beta testers remote gameplay
What you can configurate:
  • AWS EC2 g4dn, d4ad, g5dn and similar types of workstations
  • NiceDCV, Teradici and Parsec options
  • Pre-build images for particular studio roles (3D animator mocap to Motionbuilder pipeline, ..)
  • Virtual workstations tuned for game play


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