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    When using cloud solutions for your projects you definitely want to know better what you pay for and if your infrastructure is in the best shape possible. Do you want to know if you really need all cloud services which are running everyday all day long? Are there any possible gaps in your infrastructure architecture which might cause problems in the future? Maybe there are more cost-efficient alternatives that will do the job just fine. Take a proper look at it with the help of our Revolgy experts. Let’s optimise your cloud spend and infrastructure properly together!

    Is your infrastructure ready for upcoming Black Friday and Christmas peak?

    black friday peak revolgy

    Very often, companies face the problem of inappropriate infrastructure setup (and the associated price fluctuations) during the busy season - Black Friday and Christmas holidays. IT Infrastructure goes down, e-shops have long latency, they are unable to handle the peak in orders, technical teams are working late into the night and revenue is lost. And nobody wants that under their Christmas tree.

    You can very easily prevent this by optimizing your infrastructure and setting up your cloud costs correctly.

    We focus on your results

    e help our customers to make informed decisions to get the most out of cloud technology. Take a look at some of the work we've done with our customers.

    What do you get?

    A detailed analysis of your billing account and/or infrastructure (loads of pages with graphs) with emphasis on the weak spots and gaps. You'll also get a set of clear recommendations on how to improve your infrastructure for better cost efficiency. By implementing recommendations we provide you with, you will be able to save up to 20 - 25% on the total cost of ownership of your infrastructure. You can then invest this money into developing your business further or hiring talented developers

    How is the analysis done?

    We'll have an initial call with you to clarify your needs and expectations of the cooperation. You will then grant access to your infrastructure resources and/or billing account to our team of engineers and analysts. All this will be done under a strict NDA (non-disclosure agreement) - of course. The first round of analysis usually takes 2 weeks. We’ll go through your spending and find all the weak spots. During this period we will be in touch via Chat/Slack or at regular video calls to keep you updated. If you have a huge environment or many accounts, we meet regularly as long as needed. The final call will be about explaining what we've learned and what kind of improvements can be done.

    How much does it cost?

    This depends on how big your environment is. Everything will be agreed ahead based on how much time our engineers will need to spend working on your project.

    An analysis of your billing account usually takes 2-8MDs. An independent Infrastructure review is little bit more complex job and takes 4-6 weeks, it depends on how big your environment is. We focus on scalability, stability, reliability, security, cost efficiency, automation and industry best practices.

    We make sure our team works as efficiently as possible. If, by any chance, in the course of the project one or both parties discover that additional work needs to be done, our agreement can be adjusted. But everything will be done after your explicit approval, so there are no hidden costs to be afraid of.

    For clients who have their company's cloud spending under Revolgy, Billing Analysis is a standard service provided for free. There are also other benefits to buying cloud resources directly from us. If you'd consider this option let's get in touch 👇 and we will be happy to discuss and activate it for you.

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