Cloud Do You Do, Dispo Market?


Do you know that 25% of the trucks on the road are empty? Štěpán Kaiser discussed this sustainability and logistic topic from a technology point of view with Nikola Balaban, CEO and co-founder at Dispo Market. Why don't they use Oracle cloud and use AWS? How does he benefit from experience with Google Cloud infrastructure at Outfit7 now? How do Dispo Market use the cloud for optimizing data and processes? 

Dispo Market, a Slovenian startup, addresses the issue of wasted space in small and medium-sized company road freight transport. Due to time constraints, these businesses struggle to analyze past cases for improvement, leading to increased fuel consumption, pollution, and congestion. Dispo Market team is developing a system that uses computer vision, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data to identify available vehicle space and sell it to compatible clients. This approach also prioritizes safety by monitoring weight distribution on truck axles. 

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