USB remotization and NICE DCV


This is a summary of NiceDCV is not just a Remote Desktop (S1:E1), originally published on LinkedIn. Read the full article here.

USB remotization is a technology that allows users to connect their local USB devices to remote hosts. This can be done by using a software application that redirects the USB traffic over the network.

NICE DCV is a software application that allows users to connect to remote workstations and use their local USB devices to interact with the applications running on those workstations. This means that users can use their preferred USB devices, such as 3D pointing devices or authentication devices, even when they are not physically at the remote workstation.


This article discusses five use cases for USB remotization:

  • License dongles for licensed software running on a virtual workstation
  • Custom pointing devices in 3D modeling
  • Motion capture systems processing on a remote workstation
  • Gamepads for development, gameplay, and playtesting
  • MIDI keyboards and MIDI control surfaces for remote collaborative music composition and sound mixing

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