NICE DCV for remote desktop and application streaming in gaming


This post is an excerpt from NICE DCV: The Powerhouse Behind Remote Desktop and Application Streaming for Gaming and Motion Art originally published on the Remāngu website.

What is NICE DCV?

NICE DCV is a high-performance remote display protocol that enables users to access and stream high-quality graphics-intensive applications from cloud instances. It provides a powerful alternative to Parsec.

Our cloud gaming solution Remāngu utilizes NICE DCV as an unparalleled streaming protocol for game development.


How is NICE DCV used in gaming?

NICE DCV can be used to stream games from powerful cloud servers to weaker client devices that would otherwise require expensive hardware, allowing game developers to run demanding software.

NICE DCV also has low latency, which means that there is minimal lag between the user’s input and the game’s output.


Some benefits of NICE DCV for gaming

  • High-quality graphics: NICE DCV can stream high-resolution graphics with low latency, providing a smooth and immersive gaming experience.
  • Scalability: NICE DCV can be used to scale to any number of users, making it ideal for large gaming communities.
  • Security: NICE DCV is a secure protocol that protects user data.
  • Cost-effectiveness: NICE DCV can help save money on hardware costs by allowing game developers to use weaker devices.