Remāngu, a SaaS platform revolutionizing remote game development


Revolgy, the European technology and cloud consulting company, is launching its latest solution, Remāngu — the future of game development. Remāngu is a remote-first, all-in-one game development cloud SaaS platform. It offers unlimited computing power and unlimited storage. Remāngu aims to simplify game development for small and mid-sized game development and animation production studios.

For the last several years, Revolgy customers and the gaming industry have faced market, technology, and security challenges that studios couldn’t solve quickly and easily. Studios need secure access to high-quality talents that are often geographically distributed. Production companies creating AAA games and animations face increased demands for security and speed of development. Managing pipelines, storage, versions, and other tech needs for development have become a chasm that’s very hard to cross. 

Remāngu is a platform that provides the gaming industry with a simple and fast solution to these problems. The platform is designed to provide a collaborative environment that allows developers to work remotely and access powerful tools without difficult setup, hardware installations or maintenance. Remāngu is an all-in-one game development cloud tool. It offers unlimited computing power and unlimited storage. It provides asset and access security, easy compliance with various company standards, and supports the “bring your own device”, which is very important in the gaming industry. 


Just make games

“It is extremely easy to set up a true ‘ready out of the box’ solution. Remāngu can easily move your entire game development studio into the cloud, allows large studios to subcontract smaller ones, and enables smaller studios to secure contracts from the larger ones. Eventually, it will also offer a work marketplace between studios, game developers and artists, and connect game studios with UGC creators,” says Jan Sechovec, Technology Lead at Remāngu.

The Remāngu platform currently offers 2 solutions: Animus and Overclock.

Animus is a GPU workstation fully integrated into a team’s creative flow, providing a graphic performance of the latest Nvidia hardware, unlimited project team storage, templates for a supercharged start, and fully managed operations and identity access management.

Overclock provides a complete build pipeline for game development projects. With the provided Managed Perforce, users can create a depot and enable CI/CD, stream and play built games securely from the playtest environment, and enjoy a build farm for Unreal Engine or Unity3D projects.


Revolgy launched global access to Remāngu at GDC2023 in San Francisco on March 21, 2023. The platform’s core value is to make game development work more straightforward from the first moment of its early availability.

"We are excited to announce the launch of Remāngu, which we designed to revolutionize game development for distributed teams. With our expertise in cloud technology consulting and the gaming industry, we aim to make game development work easier for the whole industry,” says Miroslav Vlasák, CEO of Revolgy. 

“By providing Animus and Overclock, we have created a collaborative platform that allows developers to work remotely and access powerful tools without worrying about hardware installations, security, computing power, or maintenance,” says Štěpán Kaiser, Business Lead at Remāngu.

“You no longer have to pay office rent, maintain hardware, or fret about security. With Remāngu, you just make games,” adds Štěpán.

mockup-solo-device-black-03 (1)
“When you want to work with the best talent, you don’t care where they are located. We aim to employ top-notch animation artists in the United Kingdom, New Zealand, India, and even Israel. To gather them in the same location for the purpose of a single project was not an option,” says David Toušek, founder at 3Bohemians and one of the customers.

The next evolution of game production

“I appreciate the Revolgy team for its hard work in the gaming industry. Working pan-EMEA their dedication and enthusiasm have helped studios solve complex pain points timely. The Revolgy team are bringing the next evolution of game production in the cloud through virtual studios to the table allowing studios to adopt cloud services at a quicker pace and speed up their development times and go to market. The product and solution architecture are poised to make a significant impact and revolution on our customer service needs, gaming and visual artist industry in general,” says Anthony Mulhall, Snr. Account Manager for UK/Ireland, AWS Game Tech.


Revolgy plans to invest heavily to further develop and promote Remāngu. The product-led platform is expected to have several subscription models, making it accessible to everyone.

“We want to provide a solution that allows studios to ‘just make games’ and not worry about hardware, security, workplace, and other things,” says Jan Sechovec, Technology Lead at Remāngu.

“We partner with senior game-tech experts from public cloud providers, which help us stay on top of technology updates and opportunities for our customers,” adds Jan.

Studios can purchase Remāngu on the website and consult experts about cloud possibilities for their business needs.

Try it out for free with our 14-day trial. Plus, make your first purchase before the end of April 2023 to get a 50% lifetime discount (Code:”GDC23”)

Remāngu is set to change game development globally by providing an intuitive, collaborative environment for game developers and animation creators to work remotely and access powerful tools without worrying about hardware installations or maintenance.