Update to Google Cloud’s Infrastructure Capabilities and Pricing


With customer needs in mind, starting October 1st 2022, Google Cloud announced changes and a couple of news in services and pricing.

Infrastructure product and pricing structure will adjust to give you more choice in how they pay for what you use alongside new, flexible SKUs with new product options and capabilities. These changes are helping to ensure a better product fit for your use cases across a wide array of workloads.

Which services are changing?

Changes in prices will affect some storage, compute, and networking products. Changes provide you with new ways to optimize your spending based on workload type and size or data portability needs, as well as cost reduction on some services. Specific changes include: 

  • Cloud Storage pricing changes for data mobility, including replication of data written to a dual- or multi-region storage bucket and inter-region data access.
  • Introduction of a new lower-cost archive snapshot option for Persistent Disk (PD), so that compliance/archiving use cases are charging less than compute-intensive DevOps workloads.
  • New outbound data processing pricing for Cloud Load Balancing, in line with other leading cloud providers.
  • New pricing for Network Topology, which includes Performance Dashboard within Network Intelligence Center at no additional charge.

Please note: Customers under existing commit contracts with a floating or fixed discount will not face any changes until renewal.

Will my bills increase or decrease?

The increase or decrease in the bill depends on your specific case. As no two customers are the same, nor are the changes. You may see a slight increase in price while also seeing the new options for some services to better align with usage, which could lower your bills.

Can I fix the current price list?

Yes, you can even decrease prices. Prices can be improved via a so-called commitment contract - you commit to a spend over the next 12-60 months based on the certainty of your spending. Revolgy and Google guarantee you current pricing, plus provide a discount. The commitment can free you from worries about the impact of inflation of energy, labour or metals prices on the cost of your cloud services.

What should I do next?

As your partner, our goal is to help you manage the impact of these changes and allow time for them to adjust or modify your implementations. 

First, check your email. You could find a rough estimate of the impact in the email from Google sent to you on March 15th 2022. If the estimated impact is severe, there is a significant change needed in the way you use cloud services. Not sure what to do second? If you want to check your spending, we could help you with a billing analysis.

Billing analysis is a low-touch one-time service which delivers a structured document prepared by a Revolgy specialist. You receive a detailed analysis of your cloud bill, focusing on the weak spots and gaps. You also get a set of straightforward recommendations on how to improve your infrastructure for better cost-efficiency. 

We love to share our knowledge on bill understanding, cloud governance and cost control improvement with all cloud enthusiasts. And with upcoming changes, it might even be the right time for FinOps Sprint. 

FinOps Sprint

FinOps Sprint is our answer to the complexity of managing a growing set of projects, applications, users and resources in the cloud landscape concerning the limited capacity of engineers and leaders.

Revolgy FinOps Sprint is like the Map and Compass. At every point, you know where you are, what the next steps are, and where you are heading! Just in a week, you start crawling in FinOps practice. Together, we prepare and validate the first reports and basic policy for visibility of your cloud spend and articulate the next steps. We provide you with resources and plans before the sprint and facilitate remote sessions. We start on Monday, and by Friday, you are in FinOps.

What is our motivation to lower your cloud bill?

Our mission is to make the cloud work for you, and we are committed to your well-being in the cloud. We de-risk your cloud management, lower your unit price or mentor you on how the cloud can speed up your business development. By that, we enable your success. And success means traffic. Higher traffic increases your cloud bill, and we both win. Double success, right?

If you need more information, don't hesitate to contact us.