Unleashing creativity: How cloud computing transforms business


For many businesses, the cloud was initially just another way to store data. Gone were the days of needing bulky data centers or servers tucked away in basements; everything could now be stored in the cloud. But its role has evolved significantly since then.

Today, the cloud is not just a storage solution — it’s a versatile platform that can revolutionize how businesses operate. It offers easy scalability, top-notch security, and instant accessibility from anywhere, providing all the necessary services a company could require.

In recent years, the cloud has been instrumental in the development of countless services. “Take Bolt, for example. Their seamless connection between drivers and passengers simply wouldn’t function on a global scale without the cloud,” explains Miroslav Vlasák, CEO of Revolgy. This connection between the cloud and services lies at the core of numerous new business endeavors, promising significant potential profits.

“While banks have introduced online and mobile banking, it’s really the advent of cloud services and advanced data analytics that has given them deeper insights into their clients’ behavior than ever before. However, their business models have yet to fully adapt,” notes Jan Sechovec, the technology director of Revolgy’s cloud gaming department.

Sechovec believes that banks have untapped potential elsewhere. “They possess extensive knowledge about their clients and financial services, not just within their own portfolios. By integrating both, they could unlock a new revenue stream — a platform,” he suggests, hinting at an imminent change, especially given that similar platforms have already emerged abroad.

“If a service takes off, for example, if it gains traction abroad, it can be expanded quickly by scaling cloud services.”

Revolgy is dedicated to simplifying and accelerating the adoption of cloud solutions for our clients. We specialize in optimizing IT infrastructure on major platforms like Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, with a primary focus on supporting our clients’ business objectives. “We don’t just showcase the vast capabilities of the cloud; we demonstrate how leveraging its advanced technology can drive business success,” adds Vlasák.

The cloud offers innovative solutions anytime, anywhere

The global infrastructure of cloud services is one of the fastest-growing industries. According to data from the consulting firm AAG, the market surpassed $500 billion last year alone, with a staggering year-on-year growth of 27 percent. And it’s not just businesses benefiting from these services; over two billion individuals now rely on cloud storage platforms like Dropbox and iCloud, with this number doubling over the past decade.

“The gaming industry is another prime example of how the cloud is reshaping businesses. In action-packed games, minimal latency is crucial for a seamless experience. With millions of players worldwide, only the cloud can support such massive scale,” explains Jan Sechovec.

Unleashing creativity How cloud computing transforms business Wired

In addition to leveraging standard cloud solutions, at Revolgy, we offer our own products tailored to specific needs. For instance, Remāngu provides a comprehensive cloud environment for gaming studios. “Our client, 3Bohemians, needed a reliable, secure solution for collaborating with a major client. The cloud was the perfect fit,” elaborates Sechovec.

The Remāngu platform enables the quick creation of virtual workstations for external collaborators. While the company retains full control over its data in the cloud, collaborators seamlessly contribute from anywhere in the world — whether it’s creating graphics or testing games.

The cloud lets you launch or ditch any idea instantly

According to Vlasák and Sechovec, the cloud also aids companies in swiftly testing ideas. “In the past, companies had to invest in costly infrastructure — data centers, extensive security measures, analytics, or applications. It consumed significant time and resources. However, with cloud solutions, you can rent infrastructure and services as needed, enabling rapid idea implementation,” Sechovec explains. If a service gains traction, it can swiftly expand through cloud services’ seamless scaling. Conversely, if it fails, authors can easily “shelve” it again, with minimal repercussions.

However, harnessing this efficiency requires flexibility and technical acumen from the company. The diversity of cloud services goes hand in hand with their scalability. “Providers offer a plethora of IT operations and solutions as part of a package. Customers can activate items at will, but they must understand why. This is where we come in, helping companies navigate,” Sechovec adds.

Revolgy approaches the cloud not just as a technical matter but as a business enabler. “We analyze our customers’ genuine needs, proposing solutions that drive business growth. It’s not just about cutting IT costs; it’s about unlocking new revenue streams,” Vlasák emphasizes.

Customers benefit from Revolgy’s premier partnerships with Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services, gaining access to exclusive resources and networks worldwide. “We either have firsthand experience or know where our clients have solved similar challenges. We connect the dots,” Vlasák concludes.

The flexibility and scalability of the cloud pave the way for innovation and rapid expansion, reshaping how businesses operate worldwide. It’s not just a technological trend; it’s a paradigm shift that’s revolutionizing global business approaches.

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