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2020 totally changed the concept of workplace. Many companies around the globe had to adapt to this new situation and changed their way of working.

Let’s be honest, no one will come back to the office everyday as they did before, the kingdom of the openspace is over, forever!

Now, more than ever, the IT infrastructure of any company is the Achilles' heel of the business. At Revolgy we trust in a new approach, something simple, elegant and smart.

It’s hard to believe but you can run your IT without an Active directory, on prem servers, VPN, … . Your IT support can focus on something else than reset passwords, imaging new computers, and add access to network drives after a long email chain of a painful approval process.

We understand it’s a mind breaker, but we know that the IT legacy world needs to be reinvented. Damien and Jakub covered many topics, like:

  • How to modernize your IT infrastructure and run it with no effort

  • Why to use cloud for your IT infrastructure and all the possibilities

  • Google Workspace more than Microsoft Office

  • Chrome OS

  • Single sign on with Google identity and two step verification

  • IT infrastructure security and shadow IT

  • Beyond corp and its zero trust model

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We hope you like Damien’s and Jakub’s short discussion about IT infrastructure and its future. If so, get in touch with us or directly with them.