Merging IT infrastructures on Google Workspace with Revolgy


Merging two companies’ infrastructures is a complex task for IT teams, especially when the final infrastructure is on Google Workspace. We usually meet clients who are surprised at how complicated these migrations are.

Several key challenges may arise as IT managers navigate the complexities of merging two companies’ infrastructures. With a focus on Google Workspace, Revolgy offers tailored solutions and support to address these challenges and streamline the technology integration process during mergers and acquisitions.

In this article, let’s explore the key challenges our customers usually face and discuss how Revolgy’s services can help overcome them.

Developing a detailed technology integration plan

We work closely with the customer’s IT team to create a comprehensive plan for merging the technology infrastructures of both companies, including data migration, user mapping, and third-party apps integration.

Our team manages the migration of data and applications from one company’s systems to the other, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition. As an experienced partner in this area, we know what risks can occur during migration and how these risks can be mitigated.

Coordinating with other departments & end users during the merger process

Our change management methodology emphasizes clear communication, analysis, and training for all stakeholders and end-users. We oversee the implementation of new technologies and systems, providing necessary training and support to employees, ensuring that everyone is well-equipped to understand why the merge is happening, what impacts to expect, and how to manage the change.

Handling risk assessments and contingency planning

As an ISO-certified company, we take data security and privacy very seriously. We conduct thorough risk assessments and develop contingency plans to address potential technology failures or disruptions. Our project and migration plans are designed to minimize the risk of disruption by conducting pre-migration assessments and scheduling switches during non-business hours while still adhering to clients’ timing demands.

Merging IT infrastructures is critical to company mergers and acquisitions, presenting IT managers with several key challenges. With Revolgy’s many years of experience in this field, expert assistance, and guidance, you can confidently overcome these challenges, ensuring a smooth, secure, and efficient integration process. Our services are designed to address the unique challenges of merging infrastructures on Google Workspace, allowing your company to focus on achieving its business goals. Contact us to discuss the best solution for your business.