Keep your infrastructure in check with Terraform Drift Detection


At Revolgy, we understand how crucial it is for your infrastructure and code to be perfectly aligned. Our free Terraform Drift Detection tool helps you easily spot differences between what’s actually running in your infrastructure and what’s documented in your repositories. This tool, available at no cost to our customers, ensures your infrastructure and code stay in perfect sync.

Understanding Terraform Drift Detection

Infrastructures can be complex, with many moving parts and frequent updates. Terraform Drift Detection identifies differences between your running infrastructure and your code repositories. It’s particularly useful when you’re unsure about recent changes or need to test modifications and understand their impact.

By identifying these discrepancies, you can keep your code up-to-date and ensure your infrastructure stays consistent and reliable.

“Terraform Drift Detection is like having a second pair of eyes on your infrastructure. It helps you identify and fix mismatches early so you can maintain stability and avoid surprises.”

— Theodoros Itsios, Cloud Operations Engineer, Revolgy

Benefits of Drift Detection

  • Early issue detection: Spot discrepancies early to prevent major problems.
  • Enhanced security: Identify unauthorized changes that could pose security risks.
  • Improved compliance: Maintain alignment between infrastructure and code for compliance and audit requirements.

How it works

When the tool detects discrepancies, it generates a clear report detailing exactly what has changed and where. This report is then sent to a shared Slack channel between you and Revolgy.

We’ll send you a notification with the Terraform drifts in your infrastructure

Thanks to the report, you can assess the impact of these changes and understand how they will affect your infrastructure and applications. In the shared Slack channel, we will ask for your feedback on whether these drifts are acceptable or need to be reverted. After discussing them internally or with you, we will decide whether to accept, modify, or revert the changes to prevent outages or compatibility issues.

With our tool, you can easily verify changes, understand potential incompatibilities, and make informed decisions. We also offer support to help implement or remove changes, ensuring your code remains up-to-date and consistent with your running infrastructure.

Revolgy keeps your infrastructure in check

Our free Terraform Drift Detection tool is designed to keep your code and infrastructure in perfect sync, minimizing the risk of outages and incompatibilities. With this tool, you can maintain a robust, consistent, and reliable infrastructure 24/7.

Revolgy provides comprehensive managed services, helping businesses optimize their IT operations and infrastructure built on GCP and AWS. Contact us today to see how this tool can benefit your operation.