How to Merge Two Different Infrastructures as Smooth as Possible


In the times of start-up fevers, limitless VC funding and fast-growing digital companies, you are likely to encounter the following. One very driven digital native company decided to merge with another also very driven and very much digital company. And both have their own ways and ideas on how IT infrastructure should look like.

And If you are an IT guy, it's your job to consolidate their IT infrastructures into one. 

Where to start first? 

Typically it is with your collaboration & communication platform. 

Unable to see calendars across organisations, with even lesser chances to contact proper people across merged companies. Most likely results in very frustrated employees and usage of unprofessional - very much personal - communication tools, like WhatsApp or a Messenger to get in touch together. And of course, every party likes their own, so you have to manage two or even more environments. 

That's only one of a few topics you need to sort out quite quickly after the merge. 

Where to look for help?

In Revolgy, we help digital natives companies to grow and hit their business goals thanks to providing IT infrastructure which is easy to manage. We believe that Google Workspace is the number one when it comes to collaboration & communication platforms for the digital native generation. 

If you are considering merging your IT infrastructure under Google Workspace, we are here to help you. Beware the pitfalls when it comes to technical migration and manage the expectations of your end-users to ensure business continuity and zero downtime during a merge. 

As we are proudly serving clients like Bolt, Wise, Httpool and many other digital natives, we will be happy to help you with your challenges as well.