Google Cloud Collaboration Partner of the year 2020


We are very happy to announce that we have become the Google Cloud Collaboration partner of the Year 2020 in the Czech Republic. Revolgy and the Charles Bridge have one thing in common. Being a firm and solid connection between the two river banks, between innovative Google Cloud solutions and its clients.

“We’re pleased to be recognised as the Collaboration Partner of the Year in Czechia. Our customers and their success with high-end technology such as Google Workspace are the main motivator.”

Miroslav Vlasák - CEO, revolgy

Revolgy is a leading Czech-based company providing digital transformation services through the cloud infrastructure and online collaboration tools (Google Workspace). The mission of the firm is to drive business growth by simplifying the way companies work with information technology. Revolgy offers its customers award-winning professional services such as change management, implementing cloud solutions, designing cloud infrastructure architecture, technical support and powerful adoption workshops. Revolgy also organises educational events for the cloud-native community and customers, transfers know-how and shares news about cloud technologies.

Revolgy’s story began in 1996 as a provider of services for network infrastructure and online storage. Nowadays, Revolgy has over 1,800 customers in the “B2B region” - or, as they like to call it - the Baltics 2 Balkan.

Revolgy is going through hyper growth fuelled by demand from customers such as - Ostra Group, ČMZRB, Česká spořitelna, Nordic Telecom, Edua Group, BTL, Kofola or Fincentrum.

“It was great to have someone with this much experience on our side. Revolgy had a clear plan, knew exactly how much time each stage was going to last, and informed us about pitfalls and risks. Thanks to that, we felt really well-prepared.”

Michal Kurdiovský - CTO, Holding Ostra Group where Revolgy implemented Google Workspace

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