Get rid of vulnerabilities and security issues in your cloud


Do you want to uncover and eliminate your cloud environment’s vulnerabilities and security loopholes? Revolgy, in cooperation with Lacework, provides a single solution for protecting and optimizing your cloud. Let’s find out how below.

A single solution to protect your cloud

The cooperation of Revolgy and Lacework brings together the experience of certified AWS & GCP partner with leading-edge security solutions.

Lacework’s technology is based on data and centered around artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral analytics — it analyzes your cloud environment and your security needs to ensure you’re protected and your security covered. Rather than seeing data as a blocker, it uses them to tackle the challenges of your cloud.

Free cloud security assessment

As part of the partnership between Revolgy and Lacework, we’ll provide you with a free Cloud Security Assessment (CSA), providing insights into any vulnerabilities in your cloud environment, compliance issues, and unusual cloud activities.

Thanks to the assessment, you’ll understand your security risks and will be able to make effective security decisions.

These are the highlights of our Cloud Security Assessment:

  • Swift and easy 30-minute deployment
  • A detailed report delivered to your inbox within 24 hours
  • Insights into host and container vulnerabilities, compliance issues, and unusual cloud activities
  • A deep dive into the dynamic behaviors of your environment
  • Expert guidance on how to secure your cloud
  • Best of all — it’s free!


Why is Lacework the best partner for cloud security?

A data-driven approach to cloud security

Lacework employs a data-driven approach, utilizing artificial intelligence, machine learning, and behavioral analytics.

By analyzing the massive data generated by the cloud, Lacework learns the ins and outs of your environment. With these insights, it provides valuable recommendations to improve your cloud security.

An all-in-one tool

Companies often find themselves juggling numerous tools for different security needs as they grow. These tools usually don’t communicate with each other, creating silos.

Here’s where Lacework changes the game. It’s an all-in-one tool that leverages the data your cloud generates, converting what might seem like a daunting wave of information into a powerful ally.

Quick deployment and cost optimization

Lacework is not just powerful but also fast. With a swift deployment process, it starts analyzing data in no time.

Moreover, Lacework’s comprehensive platform typically consolidates 3–5 tools, helping you shed excess baggage and costs. This translates to an optimized budget, better collaboration, and a more streamlined process under one license.

Doing more with less thanks to automation

Lacework’s automation capabilities reduce manual tasks by around 90%, so your security teams and DevOps can focus on what truly matters. The time saved from not having to trawl through logs and alerts can be channeled into more productive endeavors.

Lacework’s cutting-edge capabilities

Secure workloads: Continuously safeguard critical applications with Lacework’s security agent for workloads and containers. Lacework’s data-driven approach identifies risks and detects threats, including zero-day attacks.

Build securely: Address vulnerabilities early in the development stage. Implement security checks to empower developers, including infrastructure as code (IaC) scanning.

Prioritize risks: Lacework’s agentless deployment lets you understand and pinpoint cloud risks in minutes. It scans workloads, container images, hosts, and more.

See attack paths: Understand how attackers can compromise your cloud by linking vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, network reachability, and more.

Monitor activity: Lacework’s Polygraph® technology, the platform learns your norms and identifies suspicious activity. It offers insights into security breaches, helping you comprehend and resolve issues effectively.

Listen to our Cloud Do You Do, Lacework? podcast on cloud security to find out more about this modern, SaaS-based security and compliance platform.


Ready to start your journey into a secure cloud with Lacework and Revolgy? Drop us a line to kick things off!