Cloud Security Assessment

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Obtain a detailed security report and expert guidance on Cloud configuration Compliance and vulnerabilities - rapid 30min. deployment  - Compliance Status in 24hrs, anomaly and cloud account threat detection for one week!

Cloud Security Assessment (CSA)

Lacework and Revolgy, its certified security partner, is offering the Cloud Security Assessment (CSA). You are invited for a test drive of the Polygraph Data Platform and will be granted free of charge access to a dedicated Lacework instance to reveal workload vulnerabilities, compliance violations (ISO2700x, CIS, NIST,  SOC2 etc.), and cloud activity anomalies and malicious activities in your cloud accounts as a Cloud User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) vendor.

We will guide you through the quick deployment process (Cloud Formation or Terraform - takes typically less than 30 min.), provide a detailed compliance and security report within 24 hours after the integration. After one week you will receive a conclusive report that includes top findings, and we will discuss how both Revolgy and Lacework can help to remediate and address those.

The free CSA offers:

  • Benchmark of your Security Posture and Compliance for up to 5 AWS Accounts using Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tools
  • Gain insight and learn from the dynamic behaviors occurring in your AWS environment to spot unusual, malicious activities.
  • Spot Vulnerabilities within your active Cloud Workloads 

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