G Suite is changing to Google Workspace


Last week, Google announced a complete rebranding of its communication and collaboration tools. With the change of the name, design and massive improvements to the user experience of their flagship product G Suite, they also introduced a brand new pricing policy.

What changes?

From the user experience point of view, all the apps will be way better-integrated, allowing you to maximise your time, reduce disturbances and do the best work you can. You can read more about these improvements in detail in our previous blog.

The new pricing policy will distinguish between small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises and starts at €4, 68 per user per month. Every plan includes basic communication and collaboration tools you know and love.

...with small differences in certain features like the amount of storage, you get for your Drive, the limit of participants in video calls on Meet or enhanced security features. Here is a more detailed overview of the new plans.

Plus, with every plan, you can purchase specific add-ons such as Google Jamboard - a virtual whiteboard you can use with your colleagues during meetings, Google App Sheet - a simple tool that will let you build business apps without the need to code and way more.

Check out all the details and compare plans on the official Google website.

How will this affect current G Suite users?

For those who signed G Suite commitments, nothing changes until the expiration date of your contract. Google doesn't plan a sunset of their legacy apps so you can still use all G Suite as you know it. You will be transferred to one of the new plans upon the renewal of your commitment. Unless you initiate the change yourself.

Is it worth switching to one of the new offers early?

The simple answer is - absolutely!

Here are a few examples:

For the existing G Suite Basic package, the Business Starter offer is comparable in price. However, the new package also offers additional features such as automatic background blur during a video call, which will be highly appreciated by those who often work outside or (like myself) don't keep their rooms “presentable” all the time… (If you know what I mean)

The current G Suite Business package corresponds with the new offer of Business Standard which comes with new useful functionality such as moderation or surveys during a meeting via Google Meet.

To get advanced tools for data control and management, which for the moment are only available in the most expensive G Suite Enterprise, you now only need to migrate to Enterprise Standard which costs less (€17,3 per user per month as opposed to €24)

If you are currently using G Suite Enterprise, this corresponds to the new Enterprise Plus package which no2w comes AppSheet Pro (worth $ 10 per user/month) for free.

Not sure which plan will be most suitable for you?

Have any other questions regarding Google Workspace? Don’t hesitate to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts or get in touch with our support team at ask@revolgy.com