Boost your cloud security with Lacework’s managed services


Maintaining robust cyber security is crucial for businesses of all sizes. While cloud platforms offer many benefits, they also present unique security challenges.

Lacework and Revolgy work together to keep your cloud infrastructure and data safe and secure all the time. Together, we offer comprehensive managed services that help organizations secure their cloud assets and data with efficiency and expertise.


Simplify your cloud security, maximize your peace of mind

Lacework’s managed service is the ultimate security blanket for your cloud data. The platform continuously monitors for threats and vulnerabilities, and in case of an incident, it provides expert, around-the-clock remediation to minimize the impact on your business.

The service also includes features such as threat detection, incident response, and compliance reporting to provide a comprehensive and effective security solution for every business.

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A managed service that fits your needs

Managed services are for customers who want to optimize their GCP and AWS platforms. However, they may lack the time or expertise to handle security, compliance, and platform administration.

Lacework understands that every organization’s cloud security needs are unique. That’s why you can choose from three main tiers of managed services to fit your specific requirements:


For organizations seeking fundamental cloud security support.

  • Comprehensive onboarding and implementation
  • Continuous educational support
  • Regular cloud security assessments
  • 9x5 security incident management
  • Lacework platform support
  • Monthly technical account manager meetings


Designed for organizations seeking more comprehensive security coverage.

  • All features of the Basic Tier
  • 24/7 incident response and management
  • Runbook guidance
  • Vulnerability guidance
  • Remediation guidance
  • Lacework platform administration and maintenance
  • Monthly meetings with a technical account manager


The most comprehensive tier, which fully offloads cloud security management to our experts.

  • All features of the Advanced Tier
  • Fully outsourced runbook creation
  • Full vulnerability management
  • Hands-on remediation
  • Policy configuration
  • Full vulnerability management
  • Full remediation service
  • Weekly technical account manager meetings

Elevate your security with Lacework

In addition to managed services, Lacework provides onboarding and a cloud security assessment to help you get started on the right foot.


The onboarding process ensures you’re fully equipped to utilize Lacework’s platform effectively, while the assessment provides a comprehensive security assessment and remediation plan to address any potential vulnerabilities or risks.

Cloud security is no longer an option but a necessity. Lacework’s managed services provide a robust and scalable solution that gives businesses the confidence to navigate the cloud while maintaining the highest levels of security.

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