AWS cloud with a partner or directly from the vendor


Cloud fascinates developers and engineers around the world and often scares them a little. If you clicked on this article, you are surely someone who wants to give it a chance. Maybe you are currently thinking about various ways to get started with the cloud or looking for ways to optimise your current cloud infrastructure.

There are several ways how you can "enter" the cloud and maintain it after that.

In this article, we will compare the most common two. We will take a closer look at getting the cloud "directly" from your chosen vendor (whether it is Amazon, Google, Microsoft, or anyone else) and compare it with the second option of “entering” the cloud with the help from a certified partner. Specifically, we will focus on Amazon Cloud (AWS).

Who are cloud partners and why do they exist?

As you may know, a lot of companies operate on the “Amazon” infrastructure. Starting from small companies and startups to giants like Netflix and Spotify. There is a vast amount of clients in Amazon's "portfolio". And to be able to effectively support all of them, Amazon (and their competitors as well) has its own network of partners. They are all thoroughly certified by Amazon themselves. We distinguish between two basic categories of partners - a Consulting Partner and Technology Partner. These partners can help customers with various needs, based on the type of certification they have. (You can learn about different types of partners in greater detail in this article)

But what does this mean for you exactly?

Directly from Amazon? If you're not a giant, it won't be cheap.

Managing your Cloud through an AWS partner has a lot of benefits. As we mentioned above - AWS's portfolio includes some of the biggest companies on the market that spend vast amounts of money with them. They have extremely complex systems that are difficult to maintain. So they need proper support. These clients are key to AWS and tend to have priority over others. Of course, this isn't free. These companies pay extra to have premium support that few can really afford. For smaller companies, finding a partner who has his own contacts at Amazon seems to be a better option. A partner can often provide more support on therefore, it is often better to find a partner who has his own contacts in Amazon and can support himself at the local level as well.

The main advantage of working with a partner is that you pay the same as you would pay directly to Amazon, but you also get additional services for your money.

Let us show you some of them in the example of Revolgy.

What kind of services do you get extra from a partner?


We'll look at what you're paying for the cloud now and help you optimise your spending so you don't pay unnecessarily for services you don't use or need.

A quarterly "health check" of your IT architecture and environment to improve performance, stability, and the security of your systems.

Consultations with certified cloud architects whenever you need them.

Access to the AWS road map - we're in close contact with AWS and we always have the newest information about what is happening, which we're happy to share with you.

Access to alpha and beta versions of new products from AWS - the partner often has the opportunity to test new products that aren't publicly available just yet, and can ensure that you also get to them before your competitors do.


Because in-house knowledge is key. Our certified AWS Cloud Architects will share their know-how with you and teach your internal team all they need to know through workshops or consultations.


A partner can negotiate special deals for you that are not available to everyone, or they can get free credits for your projects. With a partner, you also have more payment options such as by bank transfer or card.


With Revolgy, you get technical support in English and our local language (Czech), as well as a dedicated "account manager" in your region who you can contact in case you need anything.

24/7 support is also included.

In addition, we can support your marketing efforts. We will welcome you as a speaker or a guest at our monthly "Cloud Native Meetup". We will be happy to write or record a case study about the successes you achieved thanks to the cloud.

Do you have further questions about how the partner network works? Feel free to contact us at or on Twitter or Facebook.