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Google Cloud Platform


What were the requirements?

  • independent infrastructure
  • due to the nature of the app, outages were unacceptable
  • bulletproof security

What did they gain by migrating to Google Cloud?

  • redundant, well-performing, and safe infrastructure
  • optimization of all IT operations and app performance
  • bulletproof security
  • faster time to market

About Spendee

Behind the Spendee financial app stands a team of young people with global ambitions. Millions of registered users from 180 countries of the world use their app to keep a record of their income and expenses. Spendee has transcended not only the borders of Czechia and Europe but it has also taken off worldwide. Its founding team was the first Czech team to be invited to be among 33 start-ups from around the world to join the Google Launchpad Accelerator 2017 event in San Francisco. They were also the first Czech business amongst 50 start-ups from around the World to participate in WeXelerate 2017 in Vienna.

The starting point

Thanks to their participation in Google Accelerator, they gained access to operate on the Google Cloud Platform, which solved the problem of creating their own platform. They decided to detach from their parent company and start managing the app as a separate product. This created the need to migrate the infrastructure to the cloud and start using cloud services in Spendees’ everyday work.

Spendee never sleeps

The basic requirements for migration to the cloud were complicated by the fact that Spendee operates worldwide, i.e., in all time zones at the same time. The app itself, and everything that drives it, never sleeps. We were aware that it was crucial for the process to run quickly and flawlessly. Any longer delays in the services’ functioning would create a serious problem.

Trusted by the financial sector

Given the app’s character, we were aware that we would be working with very sensitive data from their clients and banks. Revolgy’s good name (previously Netmail), as well as its proven guarantee of the safety of migrated personal data, played an important role in gaining the trust of the banks Spendee works with and their consent to migrate to Google Cloud Platform.

“When we decided to give it a go, Revolgy met our needs with a really good offer. Our cooperation made my work significantly easier. I didn’t have to study each and every service, do my own research and compare different tools. The Revolgy team came up with a very reasonable solution. It would take me much longer to figure it out by myself.”

Josef Martinec — CTO, Spendee

Phase I: system migration

There was no time to waste. The company’s need for an independent system pushed the whole process forward quickly. The migration took barely seven days. Now, Spendee has a redundant, well-performing, safe, and transparent system with clearly set billing — every aspect of Google Cloud Platform clearly defines the financial spending it requires. After a week, we were ready for phase II.

Phase II: optimization and automation

Phase two will take place at the beginning of 2018 and has several goals:

  • Optimization of the system and its architecture
  • Optimization of the performance
  • Optimization of IT operations
  • Automation of simple IT operations
  • Savings of time and human resources for further development.

Time is money

Revolgy always does its best to save the client’s time. That is also the case for Spendee. There was no need for a big team on their side. We dealt only with Josef Martinec, Spendees’ Chief Technical Officer. Communication was mostly done remotely, as there was no need for meeting in person and carrying on long discussions. A proposal of the solution, the client’s consent, and a shake of hands are enough for Revolgy to start working on a project.

“I was nicely surprised. At first, I was expecting more of a corporate approach. It was surprising how fast everything was implemented. The hosting companies took forever to process our requests. Communication with colleagues from Revolgy was superb and made the whole process smooth and easy.”

Josef Martinec — CTO, Spendee

Google Cloud Architect

Because of Revolgy’s wide experience implementing the Google Cloud Platform and its guarantee of quality, Google recommended the company to Spendee. Experienced, certified Google Cloud Architects lead and implement our clients’ projects.