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Platforms like the Google Cloud Marketplace offer big benefits for companies. They simplify selling your product and the procurement process. But getting onto the Google Cloud Marketplace isn’t always easy. It involves many steps and documents and can be lengthy and complicated if you don’t know how to navigate it.

Google Cloud partners like Revolgy can help you get listed on the Marketplace so you can maximize its benefits. Below, we describe how we helped Keboola get onto the Marketplace, saving them money, time, and resources.

Revolgy helps Keboola submit their product on Marketplace

The self-service data operations platform Keboola wanted to expand their reach by listing their SaaS solution on the Google Cloud Marketplace. As we collaborated on projects previously, Keboola knew they’d be teaming up with a strong and reliable partner.

“Adding your solution to the Marketplace is doable on your own, but what we at Revolgy excel at is simplifying the process for you. There’s a maze of documents, different requirements, and steps to navigate. Our team understands it inside out, and our close relationship with Google allows us to seek advice and get responses quickly. We guide our customers, making the journey smoother thanks to our expertise and past successes. We’re all about simplifying the process, saving our customers time and resources.”

— Jan Pulkrábek, Labs Manager and Product Owner at Revolgy

A three-way collaborative effort

Revolgy helped Keboola navigate the process’s complexities, handling everything from technical documentation and communication with Google to identifying and resolving roadblocks throughout the project.

During the integration, there were some tricky parts. For example, Revolgy and Keboola had to figure out how to handle mid-term subscription changes and comply with different tax regulations for different regions. Thanks to our expertise and strong Google partnership, we addressed Keboola’s numerous technical and business-related questions, often finding solutions within 24 hours. The project moved smoothly forward and was completed within a couple of weeks to the satisfaction of all parties.

“Revolgy’s proactive approach helped us navigate every challenge smoothly. We really appreciated their support and couldn’t have asked for a better partner. They walked us through every step of getting listed on the Google Cloud Marketplace, making the whole process clear and manageable.”

— Magdalena Smith, Global Partnerships Manager at Keboola


“We were excited to lead Keboola’s SaaS solution launch on the Google Cloud Marketplace. Our team handled everything from technical documentation and meetings to answering Keboola’s questions and tackling integration issues like token and pop-up functionality. We successfully liaised with the customer and Google to ensure a smooth rollout.”

— Lukasz Boduch, GCP Technical Account Manager at Revolgy

Google Cloud Marketplace makes buying and selling software on the cloud easier. It brings together many software options in one place and simplifies billing for Google Cloud users. Vendors can reach more customers, simplify procurement processes, and use purchases towards their Google Cloud commitment.

Once listed on the Marketplace, Keboola benefitted from increased visibility within the Google Cloud ecosystem. The Marketplace puts Keboola in front of a vast audience of potential customers actively searching for cloud solutions.

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