Rossum leverages Google Workspace for enhanced data security and efficiency

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Google Workspace optimization


Cloud-native software


Google Workspace, Google Vault, Identity Management


Rossum is a pioneer in AI-powered document data extraction, transforming business operations by automating document processing. Revolgy played a pivotal role in Rossum’s digital transformation journey by helping them optimize their Google Workspace usage and enhance data security.

The need for a robust solution

Rossum’s challenges were multifaceted. The sheer volume of data they were processing required a secure and efficient management system, while identity management and anti-phishing measures were crucial to safeguarding sensitive information.

Revolgy addressed these challenges by upgrading Rossum’s Google Workspace to higher editions, providing access to advanced features and enhanced security capabilities.

Our team also conducted Custom workshops in Google Vault and Identity Management, implementing advanced anti-phishing security protocols. This tailored approach ensured a seamless transition and enhanced operational efficiency.

“The partnership with Revolgy significantly improved our data management and teamwork. Their expertise in Google Workspace, especially in security and identity management, has been pivotal to our operational efficiency. We’re more efficient than ever!”

— Luboš Moule, IT Team Lead, Rossum

Following the upgrade and Revolgy’s expert guidance, Rossum experienced a significant improvement in data handling and communication efficiency. Enhanced data security, streamlined operations, and a fortified anti-phishing system contributed to heightened overall productivity.


Through their partnership with Revolgy, Rossum has successfully navigated the complexities of digital transformation, unlocking the full potential of Google Workspace. The company has transformed its operations, highlighting the importance of strategic partnerships and the transformative power of technology.

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