Revolgy delivers a GCP infrastructure design for a non-profit organization

Service type

Infrastructure design




Google Cloud Platform, GKE Autopilot, Google Cloud SQL


Helping those in need requires a robust and flexible foundation. This case study explores how Revolgy collaborated with a non-profit organization in the United Kingdom to design a consolidated infrastructure on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), empowering them to shift focus back to their mission.

Consolidating for future growth

While functional, the organization’s complex multi-cloud and on-premises setup lacked the scalability and cost-efficiency needed for its continuous growth.

The organization utilized a variety of services — a combination of on-premises workloads and servers, cloud servers from Digital Ocean/Linode, AWS S3 storage, Google Workspace, and even some GCP solutions.

“The existing setup limited the organization’s growth,” explained Fergus O’Callaghan, Cloud Infrastructure Business Lead at Revolgy. “It needed a stronger foundation for scaling, cost, and security. We believed that Google Cloud Platform (GCP) offered the best solution by bringing their scattered infrastructure together under one roof.”

“We were struggling with a complex IT infrastructure that limited our ability to scale and serve our clients effectively. Revolgy’s Google Cloud Platform solution design consolidated everything into a single, secure platform for us.”

— Senior IT Specialist at the non-profit organization

Additionally, on their on-premises infrastructure, they ran services for their partner organizations in other countries around the world. For an organization with a global presence, Google Cloud Platform would be the ideal choice consolidating the entire ecosystem into a single platform.

“We designed a cloud solution on Google Cloud Platform that would last,” explained Rudolf Krňoul, GCP Cloud Architect at Revolgy. “We used GKE Autopilot, which automatically scales the applications up or down as needed, and Google Cloud SQL, which handles the database security and backups. Plus, the entire infrastructure was managed with no custom solutions. It was a straightforward project, and we completed it quickly.”


Through close collaboration with the organization, Revolgy conducted a deep dive into GCP solutions, focusing on the client’s specific needs for scalability, cost-effectiveness, performance, reliability, and security. Revolgy’s expertise gave the client valuable insights into how GCP could help their future growth and empower their mission of assisting people to overcome financial hardship.

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