Transformation Labs

When you want to rethink and improve your business processes

Leverage technology to unleash the full potential of your team

The Transformation Lab is an opportunity to bring people, processes, and technology together to transform the way your company works. In this guided half-day workshop, participants have the opportunity to review selected current business processes, identify opportunities for process improvements and build prototypes and plans using G Suite solutions. While the focus of these labs is on G Suite, it can be customised for any Google solution. The output of each session is a list of business processes aggregated and prioritised into one document which create a roadmap for ongoing innovation and transformation.


The Transformation Lab can be broken down into:


Lab organisers will inspire participants with real-life success stories of smart application of Google solutions in businesses and how it transformed the way their teams work.


Participants will review their business processes for opportunities to maximise productivity They then explore how Google solutions can help them reach their goals


Groups of participant collectively select one simple but high-impact process improvement. Design Thinking methodology is applied to build a prototype of that improvement using Google Apps.


Creating an action plan for the implementation of improvements and a know-how for leading a long-term innovation efforts using G Suite and Cloud technologies


"Jakub and Alex were very professional. They have extensive knowledge not only of G Suite but also of change management. From now on, this kind of project management will be a template for my own projects"  


Igor Adamović - Head of IT department at Studenac

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