Cloud FinOps

We deliver enhanced cost optimization governance, recommendations and policies, helping you better understand and control your Cloud costs.

Keep on top of your Cloud costs

We’ll assist you in configuring and interpreting advanced cost management tools. We’ll also help you to define and enforce cloud asset-tagging policies leading to material and highly transparent Cloud infrastructure cost savings.

Daily and Weekly

Inventory review for untagged resources, remediation of untagged resources, and access to a detailed billing report with cost tags. Outstanding untagged resources report and budget threshold status report.


Monthly Account Review to plan and evaluate current and future service delivery, together with progress review meetings and further cost optimization recommendations.

Case Studies

Harnessing AI to deliver memorable customer experiences at scale

With Google Cloud, Klaus has built a highly scalable, AI-led platform that enables hypergrowth...

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Innovation of Public Infrastructure through Migration to Google Cloud

When Czech government institutions that operate state infrastructure and national data centre...

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The Operation optimisation of eRouška tracking app through GCP

Following a community call in 2020, Czech technology enthusiasts launched the eRouška tracking...

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We’ve got you covered

Cost Tagging

We will help you define a tagging standard for your Cloud environment and work with you to manage tagging enforcement on an ongoing basis, allowing you to allocate costs to different business units and drive efficient usage behavior.

Budgets and Alerts

Take managing your cloud cost into your own hands, do not leave it to your developers. Establish budgets for eachCloud account, service or cost center tag.

Spend Reporting

What you cannot measure, you cannot control. Gather all the parties responsible for your cloud costs with joint responsibility and make informed business decisions.

Cost Optimization

Good governance leads to good optimization. We will work with you to identify and remediate unused and out-of-date resources along with instance scheduling capabilities and storage lifecycle policy recommendations.


Build your tailor-made FinOps Sprint with Revolgy

Deep dive with us into a week-long sprint to receive validated reports, well-articulated next steps and a plan for the next iteration.

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