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G Suite Implementation

Propel Your Business Growth by Transforming Processes and Improving Communication and Collaboration

What is G Suite Implementation? 

Moving to G Suite can significantly improve the growth of your business. According to a study by Forrester it can lead to up to 304% ROI.  Implementing these new tools is a complex process that affects an entire company. In order to ensure a seamless transition, our change management specialists have developed a transformation methodology together with Google which ensures frictionless transformation. 


Benefits of Transitioning with Revolgy

  • A local partner approved by Google - we are a certified Google Cloud Premier Partner. Our implementation methodology was carefully tailored with their IT and change management specialists.

  • No delays - we will make sure the whole process is as quick and efficient as possible.

  • Highest data security - we are trusted by financial institutions dealing with the most sensitive data.
  • We train, support and inspire - we will make sure that your employees understand the added value and can use the full potential of new tools.
  • 24/7 support we are here for you during the migration process and anytime after that. 


G Suite Implementation Process


A careful analysis of company's background, systems and communication channels and general technical assessment. Setup of basic IT systems. Core project team assembly.


G Suite launch for 10% of the employees across all departments. They will later become ambassadors of change and Google Guides for the rest of employees. Feedback gathering.


G Suite launch for the entire company. Custom learning sites and 24/7 support line. Making sure that the enterprise functions without disruptions and with a seamless changeover for its clients.


 Custom-made Transformation Labs where we work together with employees to transform processes specific to their work and motivate them to come up with their own ideas for improvements.


Featured Case Studies 



Česká spořitelna (CZ)

Read how we used the above methodology to implement G Suite at the number-one Czech bank in order to rejuvenate their infrastructure, improve processes and collaboration. 


Raiffeisen Bank (RO)

Read how the company underwent major digital transformation to improve the way teams collaborate and communicate and in result provide better care for their clients. 


“I believe that our collaboration throughout the G Suite implementation was extremely useful for the entire Raiffeisen project team. As of Day One, we were part of a new way of working, a true online collaboration. It was challenging for us, but then it was so much easier to transfer our own experience to our colleagues.” 

Carl Rossey - COO - Raiffeisen Bank Romania

“We realised that the real value is not in the things people know if they can’t share them. And this trend will only grow in the future.”

Petr Beneš - CIO - Česká spořitelna

“When it comes to Google Guides, this method seems to be extremely effective. It is a person that other employees already know. That makes the discussion about problems more open and finding solutions faster than when using external - anonymous help. Revolgy helped significantly, by providing guidance and all the necessary information whether personally or through Hangouts”

Jaroslava Musilová - PR Manager - Kofola

Interested in implementing G Suite in your company?

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