Cloud Platform Services

    Your GCP or AWS cloud platform with easy invoicing, access to cloud experts ready to support you with extensive know-how, together with incentives for your projects.

    Cloud providers we trust

    Google Cloud

    We are a leading Google Cloud Premier Partner with over a decade of expertise, guiding businesses through every stage of their cloud journey.

    Amazon Web Services

    As an APN Advanced Consulting Partner we can help you gain the most out of AWS robust cloud platform with our expertise and best practices.

    Revolgy - Google Cloud platform, Amazon Web services
    “Access cloud the way you're used to, but with extra benefits from a partner."

    Bohuslav Dohnal - Revolgy founder


    Why is it a good idea to partner up?

    Avoid common pitfalls and always be ready for increased workload and customer requirements. With Revolgy as your certified cloud partner, you get all the technology benefits from Google or Amazon, and additional support from real people waiting to help.

    Start new projects easily

    With Cloud Platform, Revolgy can help you access partner fundings and discounts to help you develop your new projects, solutions and ideas.

    MyServices Portal access

    A complete overview of your services with the ability to change billing information, see invoices and change payment methods.

    Support anytime you need

    Ticketed access to certified Revolgy cloud specialists with deep cloud expertise and extensive experience.

    Your Google Cloud Platform

    How does our partnership take shape? Let’s line up all the steps of the transition process. Long story short, our aim is to make it as short and seamless as possible while providing continuous support on the way.

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    New GCP Billing Account

    With the guide of our experts, you will be enabled to properly start with your GCP project and use all the partner benefits.

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    Transfer of GCP Billing Account

    We will transfer all your current projects under our Billing Account, so you can quickly gain from our partnership.

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    Your Amazon Web Services platform

    Life becomes easier with a partner. Having an experienced expert on your side, creating or transferring your AWS account becomes a walk in the park. Let’s go through the steps you can anticipate when embarking on the AWS cloud journey with us.

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    Setup a new AWS account

    Creating an account is easy, the challenge is in the use and maintenance, for which you will be properly prepared and later supported by our dedicated experts. 

    See the steps

    Transfer of AWS account

    To complete the transfer we will assess your exact needs and set up a process customized for you. The rest is just a matter of smooth cooperation and support from our experts. 

    See the steps

    Get a free consultation

    Are you in a pickle and need someone who knows what you’re facing to bounce ideas of and help you get unstuck?


    Cloud do you do?

    Jiri Manas is an innovative IT guy, disruptive and inspirational team leader, longevity enthusiast, CTO at Tesco CE and ex-CIO in Home Credit Vietnam. He speaks about disrupt leadership in IT, discovering the potential of a human body with technology, possibilities of blockchain, and about the best way how to implement new technologies and tools in big corporations.

    Why have a cloud partner - ebook

    Why have a cloud partner?

    Explore all pros and cons of having a cloud partner, going directly with a cloud vendor and find out all possibilities that you have.

    We focus on your results

    We help our customers to make informed decisions to get the most out of cloud technology. Take a look at some of the work we've done with our customers.

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