Cloud Do You Do, Rouvy?


Matúš Kocka is a cycling enthusiast and Infrastructure Team Lead & Senior DevOps Engineer at ROUVY, a globally famous application that allows you to bring the cycling experience of Alpine climbs into your home. ROUVY, based in Vimperk (a little Czech town in mountains), offers unique software for indoor cycling that uses virtual reality to bring real cycling routes. Rouvy app runs on Google Cloud for a long time now and their infrastructure team is very experienced in the GCP environment. They can scale the infrastructure easily based on the demand of the market, optimize the cost, and use unlimited computing power to handle demanding tasks (processing large video files, data-intensive operations etc). What are the biggest challenges?

Some of the most interesting questions we covered in this episode:

  • How does the backend of Rouvy app works in terms of cloud infrastructure and high demand?
  • What are the biggest challenges?
  • What is the next big thing in the bicycle industry and cycling?

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