Cloud Do You Do, Robert Hein?


The Entrepreneur’s journey through e-commerce and AI

Today, we invited Robert Hein, an entrepreneur, innovator, and mentor who helps companies define, build, and scale digital business models. He spent over 15 years helping startups and major international corporations across various industries with their e-commerce infrastructure.

The inspiring discussion revolved around Robert’s extensive career in e-commerce and technology, emphasizing business model creation, utilization of AI, culture, and leadership. The dialogue included talking points such as tackling challenges while expanding businesses in different geographies, implementing AI and data strategies at Berlin Brands Group (where Robert acted as CIO), and current trend anticipation on the future of e-commerce.

Moreover, Robert shared his thoughts about significant cultural diversity in the business landscape and its effects on entrepreneurial ventures. The conversation also touches on work-life balance and the importance of nurturing creativity and strategic thinking.


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