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Past, present, future: A journey across the gaming world with gaming journalist James Batchelor

Gaming expert James Batchelor, Editor-in-Chief at, joins our hosts Robert and Štěpán for a deep dive into his incredible 16-year journey in gaming journalism, from his student days to navigating the industry’s massive transformations. James explores how the field of gaming journalism has transformed since his early days, the biggest challenges he’s faced, and his proudest moments. He also shares some of his favorite pieces he’s worked on.

The conversation doesn’t stop at James’ journey. Together they also touch on some pressing industry issues, including the global talent shortage and recent layoffs. For studios embracing remote development, James offers insights on maintaining security and compliance. Plus, he shares his predictions for the hottest trends and innovations shaping the gaming landscape.

This episode is a must-listen for all gaming enthusiasts out there!


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