Cloud Do You Do, FTMO?


From university startup to global trading revolution with Google Cloud

Listen in on this engaging talk recorded live at the Google Cloud Summit in Prague. Miroslav Vlasák, CEO of Revolgy, and Dominik Hašek, Senior Account Executive, sit down with FTMO’s CTO Marek Vašíček, and DevOps lead Andrej Paučo to share the story of FTMO, a Prague-based prop trading company making waves in the trading world.

Hear how FTMO started with a simple idea at university, overcame early challenges, and made the dream of becoming a trader possible for everyone. They discuss their approach to creating a safe space for aspiring traders to practice on simulated accounts and earn real money.

Learn about FTMO’s tech journey, including their use of cloud technology, Kubernetes, and AI. Discover their strong security measures supported by Google Cloud and how Revolgy helps them navigate Google Cloud’s tools, optimize performance, and scale efficiently.

Enjoy candid stories about the bumps along the way and why they chose GCP over AWS and on-premises solutions.

Tune in to see how FTMO uses cutting-edge technology to succeed in the fast-paced trading world.


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