To perceive the cloud as a secure place, cooperation is the key


Cloud management is no longer just a buzzword since this sector has been growing rapidly for almost ten years.

In business, it is vital for a variety of reasons, whether it is for large-scale data storage and analytics, delivering web-based services, or disaster recovery. The key takeaway here, though, is how a properly managed cloud will spur your company's growth rather than whether or not you should be using it.

Therefore, Miroslav Vlasák, CEO of Revolgy – a leading multinational company providing digital transformation services – joined Cybernews to speak about the importance of cloud management.

What has your journey been like? How did the idea of Revolgy come about?

We founded the company in 1996. We started with the sale of hardware and software, implementing the Lotus Notes/Domino solution – a unique tool for corporate communication in its time. It was a success, however, "something extra" was lacking

Around 2008, our internal dissatisfaction with the complexity of IT was at its peak. We started looking for a chance to provide IT that makes sense for our customers and us, to simplify how technology can help with business growth. One year later, we partnered with Google, and we have been their top partner ever since.

In 2013, we became an official partner of another big player in the market - Amazon Web Services. Still, under the name of Netmail, we approach 2018 when a much-needed change in name and branding is necessary. We no longer sell hardware, we provide the revolution in technology – and that's where Revolgy got its name. 

Cloud challenges

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do? What are the main challenges you help navigate?

We make the cloud work for our customers. We deliver a fast track to success with flexible on-demand cloud services. We bring cloud technologies adapted to our customers' needs with rapid time-to-value and innovative solutions.

As more companies move their workload to the cloud, are there any details that might be overlooked when making the switch?

There are many things that can be easily overlooked because companies lack expertise. To name some – change management framework in teams and financial operations of cloud solutions. Switching to public cloud solutions means a huge change in mindset and the way of working in teams. Teams need to cooperate properly across the company to perceive the cloud as a secure place with unlimited possibilities.

The financial operation of the cloud is also a very important topic. You have what you need in just one single click, instantly. So, the planning of costs and proper optimization of spending must be a regular topic that teams need to take care of. And we can help with building those necessary pipes, so companies can thrive on a cloud and the transformation is successful.

Do you think the recent global events have altered the way people approach cloud solutions?

For sure, it did, and not really in a subtle way. It doesn't matter if we are talking about a worldwide pandemic or recent war acts. Insecurities, and anxiety greatly affect people's needs and behaviors.

We no longer know if we will be stuck in one place or forced to leave in minutes. And because of that, we are eager to find solutions enabling us to access data or work anytime, anywhere. We are much more flexible, mobile, and alert, changing not only the user's behavior but the company's as well.

Why do you think companies often hesitate to try out new and innovative solutions that would enhance their IT operations?

In my opinion, it's the fear of the unknown that's stopping them. Is the new and innovative solution efficient enough to make a change? Is it going to be secure enough? In many cases, security is the key.

The cloud is something very abstract for many people, and they might fear data loss or privacy issues, even when the cloud is enterprise-ready and compliant with all the standards.

Cloud is the future of cybersecurity

In your opinion, what IT and cybersecurity details are often overlooked by new businesses?

With everything that goes into running a business, it’s easy to overlook some things, especially if they are not properly connected and managed. It’s vital to safeguard each piece of technology that comes in contact with your company, whether it’s your servers (on-premise or in the cloud), your employees’ mobile devices, etc.

You can manage thousands of devices around the globe and secure them properly also with cloud solutions and products developed for such purposes. Many security risks or breaches are not caused by a lack of technology settings but simply because of human behavior – email phishing, lack of security policies in on-premise servers, shared credentials, lack of two-factor authentication, etc.

Besides implementing cloud solutions, what other security measures do you think are essential for organizations nowadays?

I think the essentials are using password management systems, limiting access to critical data and backing up them regularly, and using device management systems with strong passwords and 2FA. And educate teams in terms of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. 

Having a written cyber security policy listing the dos and don'ts of using office systems is helpful, but not enough. Organizations have to ensure that their details are communicated to and understood by employees so that they can put them into practice. That is the only way of making such policies and measures effective. 

Talking about individual users, what security tools do you think should be a part of everyone’s daily lives?

Password managers and 2FA. And it is not a tool per se but uses common sense and, for example, ignores suspicious emails or phone calls.

What does the future hold for Revolgy?

We strive for a stable, scalable, and sustainable company, not only from the business side but also for our employees. With many regions and markets in mind, we aspire for a top position in cloud-related topics, building durable relationships with cloud ambassadors along the way.

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