Set working locations for specific portions of the day in Google Calendar


In response to the growing demands of the hybrid work model, Google is adding more flexibility to the working locations feature in Google Calendar by allowing users to set their working locations for specific portions of the day.

Back in 2021, Google introduced the ability for users to indicate their working locations directly on Google Calendar, recognizing the need for better calendar management. This feature has seen various enhancements to facilitate better planning and coordination for both virtual and in-room meetings.

Users can now reflect their availability more accurately

Google Calendar set working locations

The option to set part-day working locations will help users reflect their availability more accurately, keeping their colleagues informed about their location at different times of the day. This update will bring more transparency and ease in planning meetings and collaborations, especially in a hybrid work setup where employees’ locations can change throughout the day.

The working location feature is enabled by default for admins, though it can be disabled at the domain or organizational unit (OU) level if needed. For users, unless disabled by the admin, they can set their part-day working location by selecting “Working location” as an event type in Calendar, choosing a location, and optionally modifying the time, date, or recurrence by clicking on the time element.

This update is part of Google’s ongoing effort to enhance the Google Workspace experience, and it is available to Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, Education Plus, the Teaching and Learning Upgrade, and Nonprofit users.

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