Google Chat officially integrates with Teams & Slack


Open collaboration is key in today’s hybrid workplace, especially with remote teams, and broken communication can quickly sour the benefits of flexibility. When integrating new tools, the adoption process needs to be just as smooth as the flexibility it offers.

In 2023, Google announced a game-changer for hybrid work: chat interoperability between Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, and Slack, powered by Mio. This functionality, now generally available for Google Workspace users, eliminates communication silos by letting you chat with colleagues on different platforms directly within Google Chat.

And now, after a year of testing, Google has officially launched chat interoperability between Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, and Slack. This means organizations can now use a mix of messaging platforms within their domain, allowing users to chat with colleagues regardless of their preferred platform and enjoy popular features like file sharing and emojis.

Cross-platform chat interoperability with Mio

Chat interoperability Mio_Google Workspace_Teams_Slack

Chat interoperability acts like a translator for messaging apps. You can chat with people on Teams or Slack directly from Google Chat. This goes beyond basic communication – it includes direct messages, group chats, and spaces, plus secure file sharing, message editing, and all the other features you’re used to – all seamlessly integrated. 

  • Editing and deleting messages
  • File sharing
  • Emojis and reactions
  • GIFs
  • Threaded replies

The functionality is available between Google Chat, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Webex, and Zoom Team Chat.

This integration isn’t directly built-in. You need a separate app called Mio to act as a bridge between Google Chat and the other platforms. Mio requires a paid license on top of any potential Google Workspace subscription. This functionality is now live for all Google Workspace users, with no setup needed!

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