Computex 2024 announcements that caught our eye


Computex is one of the largest and most influential technology trade shows in the world, held annually in Taiwan. It’s a premier event where tech companies unveil their latest innovations, ranging from high-performance hardware to groundbreaking software.

This year’s keynote was delivered by AMD Chairman and CEO Dr. Lisa Su, who set the stage for a series of exciting announcements from industry giants like Nvidia, AMD, Intel, and ASUS. Let’s break down some of the biggest reveals from the event.

At this year’s Computex, Nvidia celebrated many new gaming-related offerings. The GeForce RTX 4070 Ti was a major highlight, promising to push gaming performance to new heights with its advanced ray-tracing capabilities.

Nvidia G-Assist Computex

Nvidia’s G-Assist is a smart gaming assistant powered by AI

Another standout announcement was G-Assist, a smart gaming assistant powered by AI. G-Assist is designed to help gamers by offering tips, strategies, and even in-game performance enhancements, all in real-time. This assistant can analyze your gameplay and provide insights on how to improve, making it an invaluable tool for both casual and competitive gamers.

Nvidia has partnered with top game developers to enhance upcoming titles with their advanced technologies.

  • Star Wars Outlaws: Features DLSS 3.5 with Ray Reconstruction, which maximizes frame rate, reduces noise, and creates higher-quality ray-traced images.
  • Marvel Rivals: Equipped with DLSS 3 technology, offering an intense and visually stunning gaming experience.

Nvidia has teamed up with Microsoft Xbox to offer GeForce gamers free three-month access to PC Game Pass starting June 4.

Intel introduced the new Xeon 6 processors, including the Xeon 6 E-core, available now, and the Xeon 6 P-core, launching later this quarter. These processors offer significant improvements, delivering up to 4.2x rack-level performance gain and 2.6x performance per watt compared to 2nd Gen Intel Xeon processors.

Additionally, Intel announced the Gaudi 2 and Gaudi 3 accelerators priced at $65,000 and $125,000, respectively. These accelerators are designed for AI training, with Gaudi 3 offering 40% faster training times in large clusters and 15% faster in smaller clusters compared to Nvidia H100, providing at least 2x faster inferencing.


Lunar lake processor

Intel’s Lunar Lake processor

Lunar Lake is a cutting-edge mobile processor for AI PCs, offering over three times the AI performance of the previous generation. It features more than 40 TOPS for the NPU and over 60 TOPS for the GPU, providing a total platform performance of over 100 TOPS. It’s expected to launch later this year and pave the way for the upcoming Arrow Lake processors.

Asus announced the ROG Azoth Extreme keyboard, an upgrade of the original Azoth. The high-performance gaming keyboard, part of their ROG series, features a switch that adjusts the typing feel by changing the position of a carbon fiber plate. The plate can be raised or lowered to adjust the rigidity of the keys.

ROG Azoth ExtremeROG Azoth Extreme keyboard

Asus further announced the ROG Delta II, a versatile gaming headset with swappable ear cups, wired and wireless connectivity, and a detachable microphone. It offers significant improvements over its predecessor, making it a powerful choice for gamers seeking high-quality audio.

AMD has introduced new powerful processors at Computex 2024.

  • Ryzen 9000 series: AMD introduced its Zen 5-based processors — which will be launched in July — for consumer desktops, promising a 16% improvement in instructions per cycle (IPC) over previous generations. The flagship Ryzen 9 9950X features 16 cores, 32 threads, 80MB of cache, and base/boost clocks of 4.3 GHz and 5.7 GHz, respectively.
  • Ryzen AI 300 series: Targeting laptops, these Strix Point-based chips include up to 12 cores and 24 threads, with the top model (Ryzen AI 9 HX 370) offering a 5.1 GHz boost clock and 50 TOPS of AI performance. These processors also feature RDNA 3.5-based integrated GPUs.

Computex 2024 has certainly set the stage for a year of incredible technological advancements. These announcements promise to bring innovative advancements to our digital lives.