How cloud-based game development speeds up your workflow


The hunt for top talent is real in the game development industry. But what happens once you find that perfect artist or developer? The onboarding process can be time-consuming, delaying their contribution to your project.

Cloud-based game development platforms — like Remāngu — make it super easy for new team members to join the team and start working on your game right away without compromising the quality of the onboarding process.

Shorten onboarding time without compromising quality

Traditionally, onboarding new colleagues often involves a lengthy process involving setting up hardware and software, managing licenses and permissions, and IT support, to name a few. This can take days, even weeks, before a new artist or developer is fully integrated and productive.

Cloud-based solutions like Remāngu eliminate these roadblocks, which translates to significant time savings during onboarding. New hires can be up and running in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods, allowing them to contribute to the project and put their creativity to use sooner.

How it reduces the onboarding time:

  • Pre-configured workstations: Imagine your new hire logs in on their first day, and everything they need is already there. With Remāngu, workstation image templates come pre-loaded with all the essential tools and software — think industry-standard engines like Unreal or Unity and creative tools like Perforce, Autodesk, etc., along with specific programs your studio utilizes — eliminating the need for individual setups.
  • Simplified setup and maintenance: Cloud solutions remove the need for extensive hardware installations, prioritizing a user-friendly experience. The Remāngu platform is designed to be intuitive and easy to navigate, even for those new to the cloud environment. This reduces the learning curve for new hires and allows them to become productive members of the team faster.
  • Reduced IT burden: Onboarding often involves the IT team. Cloud platforms like Remāngu handle infrastructure management and maintenance.
  • Remote access and work efficiency: The cloud enables remote access, allowing artists and developers to work seamlessly from anywhere with an internet connection. This expands your talent pool and eliminates geographical limitations when searching for the best fit.
  • Streamlined collaboration: Cloud-based development enables collaboration between teams working at different locations. New hires can easily access project files, communicate with colleagues, and contribute to the project from the get-go, accelerating the integration process.


While a faster onboarding process is a clear advantage, the benefits of cloud-based development extend far beyond that initial stage.

Built on top of secure and scalable Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure, Remāngu offers developer-friendly tools you’ll love. This includes integrated features for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), streamlined playtesting environments, and secure remote collaboration for your entire team. Remāngu is a one-stop shop that gets you started building your game fast.