Building Quality Relationships with Clients And within the Company with G Suite


Building long lasting, close relationship with your clients and quickly reacting to their needs is the key to leading a successful business.

It can only be done if the relationships within the company are well taken care of in the first place.

Your employees need to collaborate effectively and deliver quality results in a timely manner. Your company has to build an innovative mindset and an attractive work environment to support the talented people within it.

With the advantages of modern technology managing an efficient agile business and building quality relationships within your team as well as with your clients has never been easier.

The Cloud environment offers easy, intuitive tools that will help solve most of the problems that modern companies face.

One of these tools is G Suite from Google - a modern office solution for email, calendar and document sharing, chat, video-conferences, internal social networking and much more. It has been designed in the cloud so that you have easy access to your project documentation and all information needed from any device and any location.

When preparing a report or presentation, do you have to wait for your colleagues part to be finished and need to constantly send each other updated versions of documents?

This is no longer needed. Thanks to G Suite, you and your colleagues can work together in the Cloud, updating the same version of the document in real time. You see the changes as they are made and can immediately pick up the thread of your colleagues’ work. Free yourselves from the vicious circle of sending countless updates of your work. You will save tremendous amounts of time and will never miss the context again.

 “Shared documents, shared calendars and the ability to access all the data from any device are the biggest advantages of working in the Cloud”

- Filip Láb from The Charles University in Prague, where we implemented the G Suite for Education solution.  

The office is not the only place where you work. What do you do if you need to access data stored there? Now you don't have to let the office walls or the capacity of your hard disc determine your limits. Get online space for all your data. With Google Drive, you can access all your data from any location and any device (Desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone) You can assign different levels of authorisation to different team members. Unleash your team, untie them from their desks and open the doors to much higher efficiency.

"Our new sales department has significantly sped up internal processes in our company. A big part of that success was thanks to the intuitive environment of G Suite” -   said  Daniel Kolský, owner of Mamacoffee after G Suite implementation

Ever wished you had a bottomless email inbox?

The basic G Suite inbox can handle 30 GB of data, but if you need it, its capacity can be limitless. Say no to returned emails and the necessity to tidy up an overflowing inbox.

With G Suite solution there is no need to clutter your inbox with endless attachments.You can simply attach files from you Google Drive or share them directly. Everything neatly organised on the team drive.

 “There is no need to send attachments or share big files through alternative solutions. It works on all other platforms and devices such as mobile phones or tablets. I can access all my mail anytime anywhere.”

Karel Smrž, Business Director of OgilvyOne. 

Does it ever happen to you that attending a meeting in person is not very convenient? You'd need to travel long distance to be able to make it? Is your conference room constantly booked? Or maybe you got stuck in the traffic?

No problem! Hangouts saves the day! Arrange a videoconference from your desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone and save yourself a tremendous amount of trouble. You can attend from any location at the time that suits everyone best.

“Thanks to Hangouts, we save significant amounts of time and money that would otherwise be spent on travel expenses"  said Representatives of Kofola company, where we implemented G Suite solution. 

You might wonder - How do I protect sensitive data in the Cloud? 

G Suite Solution offers absolutely bulletproof data protection. It uses 2-step verification for accessing data and additional encryption on mobile devices. Your data is guarded by 500 of the best security experts from Google so there is no need to worry.

 “We realised that the true value is not in the things people know, but in the fact that they share their knowledge. This trend is just going to grow in the future”

- Petr Beneš, CIO, Česká spořitelna.

Who is going to help you adapt these technologies to your company? Revolgy is at your service! We implement, we train, we motivate.

Implementation of the G Suite Solution is just the first step. Not only will we train your employees, but most of all we will motivate them to use the full potential of the Cloud solution. Join more than 1500 businesses that began functioning more effectively with our help.

“The role of our colleagues from Revolgy in the process of adapting Google Apps was extremely important. We have been cooperating with them for quite some time now, so they know the environment of our company well and have the ability to inspire our employees. They allowed them to understand the full potential of Google Apps and how they can simplify their work” 

 - Jana Adamíková, Project Manager, Česká spořitelna

Do you wish to significantly improve the workflow in your company as well? We are here to answer all your questions. Book a consultation now.