Achieving ISO or SOC2 certification with JumpCloud and Google Workspace


With the evolving digital landscape, security has become a top priority for businesses around the globe. Achieving security certifications such as ISO 27001 or SOC2 is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to protecting sensitive information.

You’ve got a good start if you’re already using Google Workspace. Google Workspace provides a suite of collaboration and productivity applications that are inherently secure. But to step up your compliance game and efficiently meet the requirements of ISO or SOC2, you need to consider integrating with a comprehensive identity and access management (IAM) platform like JumpCloud.

Let’s look at the reasons why. ⬇️

JumpCloud is your key to compliance

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JumpCloud complements Google Workspace by providing a centralized directory platform for user and device management. It bridges the gap between Google Workspace and other resources in your IT environment, offering a unified solution that controls access and enforces security policies.

Here’s how JumpCloud aids in achieving your compliance goals:

Policy enforcement

JumpCloud allows you to enforce consistent security policies across all users and devices. This standardization of procedures is critical when demonstrating to auditors that you have adequate access controls in place.

Comprehensive audit trails

Auditors love evidence, and what better evidence than comprehensive audit trails? JumpCloud documents who has access to what, when they accessed it, and what actions they took.

This degree of detail is vital for compliance with ISO 27001 and SOC2, which require proof of access control and monitoring of sensitive data.

Centralized endpoint management

JumpCloud lets you manage and secure all endpoints — Windows, Mac, and Linux devices — from a single platform. This ensures all devices accessing your network are secure and compliant with your organization’s security policies.

Identity and access management

JumpCloud’s IAM capabilities allow for secure access control and user management, including multi-factor authentication and Single Sign-On (SSO). This feature ensures that only authorized individuals can access your sensitive data, which is key to meeting the stringent access control requirements of ISO and SOC2.

Streamlined operational efficiency

Beyond compliance, JumpCloud can also significantly streamline your onboarding and offboarding processes. Automated user management reduces manual errors and frees up your team’s time, increasing operational efficiency.

Do you need a security audit for your Google Workspace solution? It’s easy with cloud experts like Revolgy; or you can download our security checklist e-book.


Google Workspace and JumpCloud together create a robust ecosystem that enhances productivity and collaboration and provides a strong foundation for your security and compliance needs. By leveraging the features of JumpCloud, you can efficiently work towards achieving ISO or SOC2 certification, demonstrating your commitment to security and data protection.

Achieving compliance can be complex, but with tools like JumpCloud, it becomes a much more manageable journey.