5 ways to use Google Sites for Google Workspace customers


Google Sites is arguably the most underrated app in the core Google Workspace productivity suite. Sites is the no-code website builder platform from Google, and it’s part of Google Drive. So before investing in costly third-party software for intranet or subscribing to an expensive site builder hosting plan, consider Google Sites.

Let’s explore five of the most popular ways to use Google Sites:

  1. Design the company intranet
  2. Create an onboarding portal
  3. Make an event site
  4. Launch personal portfolios
  5. Publish Sites templates for everyone

Create a company intranet

Google Sites is the only native product of Google Workspace that adequately handles the intranet building task. Sharepoint is to Microsoft 365 as Google Sites is to Google Workspace. Therefore, Google Sites is included as a product for existing Workspace licenses, access is part of the single sign-on experience, and administrations can allow for the creation and publishing of Google Sites.



Sites typically checks all the boxes for IT, HR, and management requirements. Here are the key benefits:

  • Core Google Workspace app — No third-party licenses required
  • Easy to manage, maintain, and share — No code drag and drop editing
  • Google apps integration for collaboration
  • Customizable to company branding guidelines & responsive UX

Creating a company intranet with Sites couldn’t be easier. Google apps appear right at the fingertips of intranet content managers. There is literally nothing to lose by starting down this path to build the company intranet. View examples of Google Sites intranets.

Create an onboarding portal

Similar to the consideration of building a company intranet, onboarding portals are especially handy for introducing and accommodating new employees. It’s easy to gather HR resources from Google Drive, like job descriptions and guides. You can link out to essential applications or direct a learning experience with media and forms.

The Google Sites onboarding portal can act as an interactive visual medium. It’s a 24/7 resource that encourages engagement, adoption, and exploration. It can even be a fun employee handbook-type experience that is simple to keep up to date.

Make an event site

Organizations host events, meetings, and conferences — not every instance warrants a full-blown web development process; that is where Google Sites shines. You can create event sites or websites in general for free with Google Sites, and you don’t need a hosting plan. Your marketing and operations teams will surely thank you for your consideration.



Integrating Google Calendar and event management software, or even simple Google Forms for RSVP, presents a total solution that can be launched in a matter of days. Moreover, a template can be applied on all event sites for consistency and brand, so these Sites can look great besides being functional. When the event is over, throw up an embedded folder or slideshow of the team photos. Drive a sense of community, inclusion, and positivity within Google Workspace.

Use templates to make portfolios

Since domain-only themes can be installed for all Workspace users or any particular organizational unit, you can give any employee a head start on creating a portfolio. Once installed, a template or theme can provide the needed structure to complete essential portfolio information like contact information, affinities, skills, projects, etc.

Portfolios can be multimedia experiences, and the freedom within Google Sites to customize a site is an interesting opportunity. We’ve seen something similar in the education space where teachers, students, and administrators can launch profile sites.  

Install a domain template for all staff

Google Sites has many templates already available on the landing screen, but these are quite basic. Workspace administrators can display custom-designed templates that impress. Find predesigned templates from Google Sites designers, then further customize the themes to match your organization’s branding guidelines.

How to get started

If Google Sites is enabled for your Google Workspace account, simply go to sites.google.com. And here’s a tip: enter sites.new, and you’ll automatically launch a brand new site. The product is so easy and intuitive that your whole team will be sharing sites in no time.

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