Go green with Google Cloud

    Did you know that Google is the greenest cloud provider? It’s also the only major cloud provider to purchase enough renewable energy to cover all of its operations.

    With Google, you can feel comfortable knowing you’re powering your workloads on a net carbon-neutral cloud. Electricity used to run Google Cloud products and services is matched 100% with renewable energy.

    Join us in making the world greener and take part in the Green Program from Google Cloud and Revolgy.

    Supercharge your growth with the Green Program

    Google and Revolgy have teamed up to bring you the Green Program. It’s designed to provide you with free Google Cloud Platform (GCP) migration, alongside financial, technical, and business support to help you scale seamlessly on GCP.

    What is the Green Program?

    Thanks to the Green Program, you can migrate to the cloud and scale financial and technical support for Google Cloud and Revolgy. Whether you want to build a cloud-native app from scratch or migrate your legacy infrastructure, we’re here for you.
    You will get a complete assessment of your infrastructure, migration, and modernization recommendations, alongside a total cost of ownership (TCO) report, and strategic guidance from Revolgy and Google Cloud.
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    Committed to a sustainable future. Together.


    Who can join?

    Are you ready to explore the possibilities of migrating to the cloud and helping the environment along the way? The Green Program might be just what you’re looking for. Companies of all sizes that focus on the environment and sustainability can join the program.

    How does it work?

    We’ll show you how your infrastructure could work and how much it would cost on Google Cloud Platform. If you decide to proceed, we will help you with the migration (financed by Google). You will get GCP credits and continuous support from Revolgy engineers.
    On top of that, you’ll get improved environmental credentials through the adoption of Google Cloud and a Carbon Footprint Measurement Tool to help measure, report, and reduce your carbon emissions.

    How much does it cost?

    The assessment and migration are free (waived by Google), and so is the ongoing support from Revolgy’s engineers. Revolgy takes care of the heavy lifting and Google finances it. Zero resources are needed from your side.
    The potential discount on your subsequent cloud usage or free credits depends on many factors.
    You’ll receive financial support now and also in the future. You can scale with free credits on Google Cloud. Revolgy will optimize your costs throughout your GCP journey, helping you get the maximum business value for the minimal cost. Revolgy is here to support you with flexible payment options and access to partner service funds that are not available publicly.
    By being Google’s premier partner, Revolgy gets a small margin from the revenue, and in return, we provide support, guidance, and migration for customers.
    Whether you need help choosing and implementing the right GCP solutions, or support, insights, and recommendations for existing GCP Projects, Revolgy is here to help you 24/7/365.

    Startups build on Google Cloud + Revolgy

    Revolgy provides you with free support both now and in the future for your GCP workloads. The program benefits are:
    • Technical support and guidance on GCP
    • FinOps billing analysis and support
    • 24/7 advice and guidance support
    • Unlimited free consultations
    • Monthly service reporting
    • Invoiced billing
    • Access to Revolgy MyServices portal
    • Access to partner funding
    • Dedicated customer engineer
    • Access to your own GCP Console — one point of contact
    • Funded POCs to help experiment with Google Cloud

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    "I was nicely surprised. At first, I was expecting more of a corporate approach. It was surprising how fast everything was implemented. The hosting companies took forever to process our requests. Communication with colleagues from Revolgy was superb and made the whole process smooth and easy."

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