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Digital revolution and online collaboration is no longer a domain only of fast-growing startups and big enterprises. Learn how a chain of grocery stores in Croatia leveraged the benefits of digital transformation while maintaining their local spirit.

A reliable solution that will keep up with the company's growth

A fast-growing Croatian retailer was facing issues with communication and collaboration between branches and departments that were slowing all the processes down. Studenac operates a chain of almost 400 grocery stores across the country. Their main goal was to create a high-quality shopping experience accessible to anyone even in the most remote villages.

The company felt a deep need for improving the information flow by implementing centralised communication system and centralised management of that system: calendars, conference calls as well as finding an easy way for users to share documents.

They are expecting to grow even more rapidly within the next few years so the emphasis was given to choose a solution that will easily be able to grow with them.

Professional change management as a recipe for success

For our implementation projects to be truly successful we always pay close attention to have everyone on board. That's why we assessed the project on two levels: technical and change management. By doing so, we wanted to ensure not only seamless implementation of new tools but also for all the employees to understand the added value of the products and be able to use it to its full potential.

After the initial assessment and technical setup, we organised a special training for a selected group of people who later became Google Guides for the rest of the company's employees. After that, the Google Guides organised focus groups within the company when they discussed specific use cases and brainstormed the ways of improving the way they work with the use of newly acquired tools of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite).

“Jakub and Alex were very professional, they had extensive knowledge not only in Google Workspace but also in change management. This kind of project management will be my template for my own projects from now on”

Igor Adamović - Head of IT Department, Studenac

The triumphs of the cultural change

Almost immediately after the project ended, a real cultural change could be seen within the company. Real-time collaboration, easy documents and calendars sharing, and most of all more efficient communication. Those are just some of the key victories of Studenac following the implementation of Google Workspace. Workflow improved significantly. Tasks that require the involvement of a number of departments can now be resolved more quickly and efficiently.

“Overall I am extremely happy we chose to do this project with Revolgy. The results has exceeded my expectations. Thanks to an excellent project management and emphasis given to the change management side of the project I myself came to understand that the solution we chose has even more added value to my business than I expected”

Igor Adamović - Head of IT Department, Studenac