Refund Policy

    Google Cloud Services acquired via Revolgy

    Purpose of refund policy is to manage the process by which customers return or exchange unwanted or defective products/services that they have purchased previously. We do not do that, you are able to activate free trial for up to 30 days and we see this period as sufficient to be able to decide whether the service is a good match for your needs or not. On top of that, you can use flexible tariff and pay as you go with the ability to turn off service any time with no strings attached.

    Requesting a refund of the remaining balance. Refunds are only issued in limited circumstances. If you’ve made a manual overpayment, you should contact us (via e-mail to before you cancel your service for the remaining amount to be refunded to you. Based on how you’ve made your manual payment, here’s what you can expect:

      Credit card or direct debit – If this is how you paid, we’ll initiate a refund to the credit card or bank account that you originally used to make the payment. It can take up to four weeks for your bank or credit card company to credit the refund to your account, depending on their processes.

    Funds transfer – If this is how you paid, you’ll need to provide your bank account details so that we can process your refund. Once you send your bank details to Revolgy, your refund will be processed within four weeks.


    Revolgy Services acquired online

    If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 5 working days from the purchase date, we will fully refund the cost of your order. Notice of cancellation must be made via e-mail to A refund acknowledgement will be sent within 3 working days and fees refunded within 30 working days, subject to this Refund Policy.