Cloud Do You Do, Nuria Pinder?


Women, AI, and the sustainability challenge

Lucy Gillam invited to our podcast Nuria Sarah Pinder, Google Cloud Partner Manager with a strong UX background. In this episode, Lucy and Nuria cover a wide range of topics, from the role of women in tech to the future of AI and data analytics. The discussion about generative AI and its potential impact on various sectors, including sustainability, is fascinating. The conversation also delves into the importance of diversity and inclusion, both in terms of gender and neurodiversity, and how these factors can contribute to business success. 

The podcast also touches on upcoming events and influencers to follow for those interested in staying updated on the latest trends in technology.
Overall, it's a rich and insightful conversation that offers valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of technology, the role of diversity in the tech industry, and the potential for AI and data analytics to drive innovation and efficiency.


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