Elon Musk unveils new AI chatbot Grok


Elon Musk has unveiled Grok, an artificial intelligence chatbot with a “rebellious streak”, “intended to answer almost anything and, far harder, even suggest what questions to ask,” said the xAI team in a blog post.

Grok is the first product from Musk’s AI company — xAI — and is based on Douglas Adams’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

One of the things that makes Grok unique is its access to real-time information from X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, acquired by Musk in 2022. Having real-time access to X, Grok can provide users with up-to-date information on a wide range of topics, from current events to breaking news.

What sets Grok apart from other AI chatbots is its sense of humor, willingness to challenge authority, and ability to answer questions other chatbots would not “dare”, such as sarcastically responding to a query on how to make cocaine.

It remains to be seen how successful Grok will be, but it is clear that Musk is betting big on AI chatbots. He has said that he believes that Grok has the potential to revolutionize the way that people interact with computers.

The Grok prototype is currently only available to users in the United States, and the company is seeking feedback to help improve it before a wider release. Join the Grok waitlist.

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