AppSheet Core licenses to be included in more Google Workspace editions


Google is set to expand the accessibility of AppSheet by including AppSheet Core licenses in more Google Workspace editions. The move will extend the AppSheet user base, bringing the power of no-code application development to more hands.

Alongside this update, Google Workspace is also introducing a new security setting for admins. Administrators will have access to a new organization-level setting to control how their users utilize their AppSheet Core licenses, including whether app data can be shared externally.

Expanded access to AppSheet

AppSheet is a platform that allows users to create custom applications without coding. These apps can be used for various tasks, including recording inspections, documenting inventory, and managing approvals.

Additionally, AppSheet offers integrations for creating chat apps, using databases to organize and manage data, and building custom automation workflows with email, chat, and push notifications.

Watch this video to learn more about simplifying work with Google Workspace and AppSheet.

AppSheet Core licenses will become available for the following Google Workspace editions:

  • Business Starter, Standard, and Plus
  • Enterprise Starter and Standard
  • Frontline Starter and Standard
  • Non-profits
  • Education Standard

Before this update, AppSheet Core licenses were included for domain-verified Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Enterprise Essentials Plus, and Education Plus users.

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Admins to control whether app data can be shared externally

Alongside expanded access to AppSheet, Google is introducing a new security setting for Workspace admins.

Admins can apply the setting to the following functions for Google Workspace users using AppSheet Core:

  • Sharing with external app users
  • Connecting to external app data
  • Automation emails to external recipients
  • Using external AppSheet apps

AppSheet security setting admins

Credit: Google

For administrators already using AppSheet, this feature will default to OFF to prevent any interruptions to current applications. For those not currently using AppSheet, the feature will automatically be set to ON.

You can find more information about the updates on Google Workspace’s blog.