Apple considers Google’s AI engine for iPhones


Apple is reportedly in talks with Google to license its powerful generative AI model, Gemini, for use in upcoming iPhones. While Apple has traditionally developed its own software and hardware, this potential partnership suggests the company has fallen behind in its AI development, as public criticism suggests.

Apple CEO Tim Cook previously announced significant investments in generative AI, hinting at upcoming advancements. The upcoming iOS 18 could use Apple’s own AI models for on-device features, while more complex tasks like generating text or images might rely on partnerships with companies like Google, leveraging their cloud-based AI. This suggests Apple is aiming for a hybrid approach, blending its own AI with external expertise.

The potential deal would see Gemini powering new AI features in iPhone software expected later this year. However, specific details, such as branding and implementation, are still under discussion.

This collaboration could significantly benefit both companies. Apple would gain access to cutting-edge AI technology, potentially boosting its AI development and addressing investor concerns. For Google, it offers a chance to expand Gemini’s reach to over 2 billion Apple devices, potentially rivaling Microsoft-backed OpenAI. With talks with OpenAI also reported, Apple seems to be exploring various options in the generative AI space.

The deal, however, could raise regulatory eyebrows. Google already faces scrutiny for its alleged search dominance, and integrating its AI into Apple’s ecosystem might attract further attention.

Interestingly, Apple already has a long-standing deal with Google, making Google Search the default option on iPhones in a deal reportedly worth $18 billion a year. Moreover, Apple’s iOS is a direct competitor of Google’s Android operating system. This existing partnership adds another layer to the potential Gemini deal, highlighting the complex and sometimes collaborative nature of the tech industry, even between rivals.

Despite the challenges, analysts view this as a strategic move for both companies. Apple fills a gap in its AI strategy, while Google gains access to a valuable user base. This comes after Google partnered with Samsung to integrate Gemini into their products.