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    With our custom add-on solutions that you can stack together as you need them,
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    Enterprise reporting

    Extended options for admin console that will allow you to view your domain users activity to detect and potentially prevent security incidents. 

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    Zero trust model that enables secure work from virtually any location without the need for a traditional VPN.

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    Endpoint management

    Be sure what data and on which device can your employees see the company data. Easy to set up for Android, iOS, Windows, Chrome OS, MacOS, and Linux is easy to set up and use.

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    Signature management

    Use the Signature Management tool allowing quickly and easily create a central company email signature in Gmail for all your colleagues. Just upload your data and enjoy the advantages.

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    Enterprise reporting

    Detect and prevent potential threats

    Google designed Google Workspace from the ground up with a focus on quality security and privacy in line with the highest industry standards. However, we understand that your company's policies may require you to implement some custom functionalities. This is why we built our Enterprise Reporting.

    Our tool provides you with extended options for admin console that will allow you to gain more control over your security. You can view your domain users activity to detect and potentially prevent security incidents. You can also view your user and administrator’s activity for extended period of time and centrally manage 3rd party application access.

    Manage 3rd party application access

    Token Audit module enables you to manage application access to information stored in your company's Google Workspace domain.

    • Define tracked application scopes (e.g. access to messages in the domain gmail mailbox) and view all applications that were granted this access
    • Define whitelisted applications that are trusted to access the tracked application scopes
    • View blacklisted applications, that were granted access to the tracked application scopes and are not whitelisted.
    • Revoke granted access to information stored in the G Suite domain to the selected application for all domain users with one click

    Manage access authorisations given in the past

    By employing multiple discovery methods such as OAuth and SSO, enterprise Reporting provides complete and centralised visibility of all sanctioned and unsanctioned applications across your IT environment.

    • Discover all applications that were ever granted access to your Google Workspace domain through end-user accounts
    • Get alerts of potential security issues or non-compliance with your company's policies
    • Easily revoke application access or add application to whitelist

    Manage Google Drive sharing

    Token Audit module enables you to manage application access to information stored in your company's Google Workspace domain.

    • View the information about document events in your Google Drive for an extended period of time (normally Google Admin Console is available for 180 days only)
    • React on events on your company's Google Drive in real time (e.g. you can set up a rule to automatically disable sharing of a document outside of your domain).

    View extended history of admin action

    Admin Audit module stores information about actions performed by admins for the purpose of internal audit or usage optimisation.

    • View the history of admin actions for an extended period of time (Google Admin Console stores this information for 180 days only)
    • Automatically classify performed actions to help you focus on high importance events.
    • Automatically send notifications to the security team when a sensitive administrative action is performed.


    Components of BeyondCorp

    BeyondCorp allows for single sign-on, access control policies, access proxy, and user- and device-based authentication and authorization. The BeyondCorp principles are:

    • Access to services must not be determined by the network from which you connect 
    • Access to services is granted based on contextual factors from the user and their device
    • Access to services must be authenticated, authorized, and encrypted

    Endpoint management

    Manage endpoints from one place

    Simplify endpoint management in your organization with Google Workspace.

    Enforce passcodes and wipe specific accounts without installing software on a user's Android and iOS device with agentless endpoint management. This feature is on by default.

    Manage and secure Windows 10 devices through the Admin console.

    Keep data secure

    Lost phone? Stolen tablet? These things happen. Keep your company's data secure with endpoint management. You can require screen locks and strong passwords and erase confidential data with device wipe or selective account wipe for Android and iOS, as well as block access to specific Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, and MacOS sessions.

    Give your employees the apps they need, now

    Distribute business applications from the Admin console on Google Play (agentless) or Apple’s App Store. Host internal-only Android apps in the Play Private Channel.

    Signature management

    Ready in minutes

    No tedious creation of signatures for everyone separately - you create a central signature in one template for everyone. Correct data and on-brand visuals across the company.

    Allows personalization

    No more manual filling in of personal data of your colleagues - you can easily upload personalized data from the admin console.

    Suits your preferences

    Use one of the preset templates or code a custom template just for you. Choose whatever you prefer.

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