GCP Customer success services

    by Revolgy

    1. The following technical support services guidelines ("Guidelines") apply to customers success services for Customers under:
      • Google Cloud Platform License Agreement
      • Google App Engine License Agreement
      • Google App Engine and Google Cloud SQL License Agreement
      • Google Cloud Storage and Prediction API License Agreement
      • Google Cloud Storage, Google Prediction API, and Google BigQuery Service License Agreement
      • Google Cloud Storage, Google Prediction API, Google BigQuery Service, Google Cloud SQL, Google Compute Engine, and Google Cloud Datastore License Agreement, and
      • Google Translate API v2 License Agreement

      entered into by and between Revolgy and Customer (as may be applicable, the "Support Agreement") if that support is committed under the Agreement. Capitalized terms not defined herein have the meaning set forth in the Agreement.

    2. Enhanced Technical Support.

      The Provider will deliver enhanced technical support for Customers that purchased Customer Success Services. This consists of telephone support, prioritized response times on Support Requests and a dedicated enhanced technical support team that is trained on Procured Services.

      2.1 Support Access.

      2.1.1 Support Channels.
      The Customer Contact will be able to submit requests for enhanced technical support via the telephone, email address, Provider’s online support portal (P2-P4 only) or via telephone (P1):
      2.1.2 Telephone Support Hours.
      The Provider will offer unlimited telephone support for the Customer via a telephone number for P1 issues 24x7 and for P2, P3, and P4 within Provider’s local business hours.

      2.1.3 Support Hours and Initial Response Goals.
      The Provider will deliver target response times of 60 minutes for Severity-1 priority Support Request and the Provider will be able to respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Provider will deliver the following non-automated target response times for Severity-2 - Severity-4 Support Requests:



      Initial Live Response Goal

      Service Restoration / Resolution Goal

      Customer Responsibilities

      Severity 1 ­- Critical

      Critical production issues severely impacting production workload

      ● Customer have had a substantial loss of service.

      ● Customers business operations have been severely disrupted

      ● No workaround is available.

      60 minutes, with regular Updates provided until service is restored or issue is downgraded

      Work issue 24x7 until service restored or workaround provided with resolution goal of 24 hours

      ● Commit appropriate resources to be available (24x7) to provide additional info and support if needed.

      ● Immediately apply recommendations required to restore service.

      ● Identify escalation path and contacts required for any immediate communication or Decision­ making.

      ● Grant to Revolgy team necessary level of access.

      Severity 2 - High

      An issue that has significant user impact but services is partially available

      ● Operations can continue in a restricted fashion

      ● A project milestone is at risk.

      ● A temporary workaround is available.

      2 Business Hours

      Work issue during Provider office business hours until resolved or workaround provided with resolution goal of 48 hours

      ● Commit appropriate resources to be available to provide additional info and support if needed.

      ● Make reasonable efforts to apply solutions upon receipt.

      Severity 3 - Normal

      An issue that affects non­critical product functionality but production services is unaffected.

      ● A workaround is available.

      4 Business Hours

      Work issue during Provider office business hours until resolved or workaround provided with resolution goal of 10 Business Days

      ● Monitor and respond as necessary

      Severity 4 - Low

      An enhancement request that does not impact service provisioning or affect product functionality.

      8 Business Hours


      ● Monitor and respond as necessary

      Response times are the number of business hours elapsed from when the ticket is logged by the Customer to Provider when a non-automated response is sent by the Provider. Business hours are from 9am to 5pm in the timezone of the Provider office where the Support Request is processed.

      Non-automated response sent by email to the Customer contains these minimum information:

      Number: a unique number assigned to the support request
      Subject: a short sentence that summarizes the support request
      Severity: the urgency or importance of the support request
      Status: status of the support request as it progresses through your support process
      Category: high-level category for the issue (e.g. impacted service)
      Description: detailed description of the support request
      Contact: contact details of the support requester or group
      Creation date: date and time the support request is submitted
      Response time: predetermined response time based on severity of issue and type of customer
      Resolution time: predetermined resolution time based on severity of issue and type of customer
      Consult flag: a boolean that indicates if the support request was consulted to Tier 3 (GCP)
      Escalation flag:  a boolean that indicates if the support request was escalated by the user

      2.2 Support Request Submission.

      2.2.1 Customer Efforts to Fix Errors.
      Revolgy’s obligation to provide customers success services is conditioned upon the following: (i) Prior to making a request to a Provider, the Customer will use reasonable efforts to identify and fix the cause of any error, bug, malfunction or network connectivity defect. Thereafter, a Customer Contact may submit a request for enhanced technical support via the available support channels; (ii) Customer providing sufficient information to Revolgy to diagnose and/or reproduce problem; (iii) Customer providing knowledgeable resources to correct the problem; (iv) For reported product defects, if the issue is resolved in a newer product Update, Customers are required to install the respective update. As related to Severity 1 incidents, Customer shall provide continuous access to appropriate Customer personnel during Revolgy’s response to the incident or Revolgy shall be permitted to change the severity of the incident.

      2.2.2 Named Customer Contacts.
      Customer will identify up to four (4) contacts that are knowledgeable about Customer’s operating environment and operation of the GCP Products (“Named Customer Contacts”). These Named Customer Contacts will serve as primary Support contacts between Customer and Provider. Named Customer Contacts must have, at a minimum, initial basic product training and, as needed, supplemental training appropriate for specific role or implementation phase, migration and /or specialized product usage.

      2.2.3 Characterization of Requests.
      Customers will designate severity upon submission of Support Requests. Upon receiving a Support Request from a Customer Contact, Provider will determine whether the Support Request is a "Service Unusable," "Standard Request" or a "Feature Suggestion". Provider reserves the right to change the Customer’s severity designation, if the Provider believes that Customer’s designation is incorrect and will inform the Customer of any such change in writing. If the Customer does not agree with the reclassification, the Customer can appeal by any available support channel to the Provider.

      2.2.4 Procedures for Acknowledgement and Resolution of Requests.
      When making a Support Request, the Customer will provide diagnostic information including but not limited to: (i) the problem, the configuration, and the Customer’s network; (ii) relevant data; and (iii) answers to Provider questions and assistance to Provider support Engineers as appropriate.

      2.2.5 Request Acknowledgement.
      A Provider will respond to a Support Request by acknowledging receipt of the Support Request. The Customer acknowledges and understands that the Provider may be unable to resolve all Support Requests.

      2.2.6 Feature Suggestion.
      If a Provider deems a Customer Support Request as a Feature Suggestion, a Feature Suggestion will be logged with GCP team for consideration and the matter will be considered closed. Google and the Provider are under no obligation to include any such Feature Suggestion in any future update or release.

      2.3 General Support Provisions.

      2.3.1 Support Team.
      All Support Requests made by the Customer will be handled by a Provider team dedicated to technical support for Customers and sufficiently trained on the GCP Products.

      2.4 Penalties & Liabilities.
      1. The Parties are responsible for proper and integral execution of their obligations assumed under the present GCP CSS

      The Party which fails to execute the obligation / obligations assumed under the term/ terms stipulated by the current GCP CSS is considered in delay without further notification or formality, from the date on which the part was obligated to fulfil his obligation.

      In case when with its exclusive fault, the Provider fails to fulfil the obligations assumed within present GCP CSS document, the Client is entitled to claim as penalty an amount equivalent to the following percentages, calculated against total yearly value of GCP CSS, based on level of severity:
      1. time exceeded in case of Severity 1 and Severity 2: 0,5 % quarterly payment of the value of Revolgy CSS paid in advance by the Customer.
      2. time exceeded in case of Severity 3: 0,3 % quarterly payment of the value of Revolgy CSS paid in advance by the Customer.
      3. time exceeded in case of Severity 4: 0,1 % quarterly payment of the value of Revolgy CSS paid in advance by the Customer.

      Penalties are calculated on the last working day of each quarter.

      If performance of the services delivered by Provider is less than 95,00% for more than 3 months within 12 contractual months, the Customer may request the termination of this Contract.

      In case of termination of the Contract, by notice, due to solely default of Provider of not performing services according to GCP CSS, Client is entitled to claim as damages yearly value of GCP CSS, without being obliged to prove the prejudice value. The breach of contractual obligation by Provider stands as proof for damages at the value above mentioned.

      The termination of the Contract will not exonerate the Provider of the penalties payment calculated up to the end of the Contract by termination.

      The penalties payment should be done by the Provider within maximum 30 days from the Client’s notification in this respect.

    3. General Provisions.

      3.1 Updates to Customer Success Services TC.
      Provider reserves the right to update the Customer Success Services TCs. If the Customer Success Services TSs are updated, the Provider will be notified in writing, and the Provider will make the required adjustments to the Customer Success Services within 60 days of receipt of the notification.

      3.2 Provision of Services.
      The Provider will only provide the premium services as described in the Customer Success Services TCs. Provider has no obligation to provide any additional services to the Customer.

    4. Glossary of Definitions.
      For the purpose of the Customer Success Services TCs, the capitalized terms below will have the following meanings:

      4.1. “Customer”.
      is a GCP Products Customer who has purchased and will receive Customer Success Services from the Provider.

      4.2 "Customer Contact".
      means an Administrator designated by the Customer.

      4.3 "Escalation”.
      refers to the process triggered by a request for a support case escalation from the Customer or the Provider when there is either 1) an open Customer Support Request that is not addressed in a manner that meets the Customer's business requirement or 2) an open Customer Support Request that is becoming business critical for the Customer and it cannot be resolved in a timely fashion by the Provider.

      4.4 "Feature Suggestion".
      means a suggestion by a Customer Contact to incorporate a new feature or enhance an existing feature of the Services that is currently not available as part of the existing Services.

      4.5 "Severity".
      means the level of impact a Request is having on Customer’s operations and is used to establish target response times.

      4.6 "Service Unusable".
      is any situation where the Customer is unable to access or use it’s GCP workloads for the majority of its end users

      4.7 "Standard Request".
      means a request made by the Customer to Provider that is not a Service Unusable Request or Feature Suggestion.

      4.8 "Support Request".
      means a request from the Customer to a Provider’s Support Personnel for Technical Support to resolve a question or problem regarding Apigee products. Request as Service Unusable by designating it as a Severity-1 Priority Support Request.

      4.9 “Revolgy”
      means the Provider defined in Revolgy Google Cloud Platform Specific Terms and Conditions.

    5. Payment conditions.
      The invoice will be issued according with price stipulated in Binding Order, monthly, in advance within 5 working days from date of each anniversary of the TSSC Services. The first invoice will be issued on a date as described in Binding Order and it determines the anniversary date.