Wow, time flies.

We are 25!

And it's an increasingly amazing ride. Full of technology, innovation and sophisticated cloud solutions.
But one conviction remains. It's been all about people.
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1996. Netmail

In 1996, Bohuslav Dohnal founded the company Netmail (now Revolgy). The company started as a hardware and software reseller and implemented the Lotus Notes/Domino solution - a unique tool for corporate communication at that time. Later, it switched to Microsoft technologies (Exchange, Sharepoint, etc.) for much better competitiveness.

Bob explains how he sees technology and what it should be used for.

Bohuslav Dohnal - Revolgy Founder

2008. Something extra is missing.

Our projects were successful in terms of budgeting, time and subject matter. What was lacking was customer enthusiasm. It was the lack of "something extra" that became the impetus for a huge change.

Internal dissatisfaction within the complexity of IT grew not only among customers, but also among Revolgy's founders. And so in 2008, they decided on a dramatic transformation.

Bohuslav Dohnal - Revolgy Founder

From small talk to big things.


The spark is important. That’s why we always start with small talk.

And only then can all the big things happen.

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Now it's clear!

Ready to change business! We have embarked on a change to deliver IT that makes sense to us and our customers. We believe in cloud but how do we make the most of it? It's about people and the transformation that cloud computing, along with technology, brings to business.

Bohuslav Dohnal - Revolgy Founder

Our Partners.

2009. Revolgy & Google

In August 2009, Revolgy fully immersed itself in the cloud and became an official "Google Apps Authorized Reseller," one of the first in Central Europe. We were also one of the first companies in the country to provide global collaboration tools.

2013. Revolgy & AWS

Revolgy becomes an official Amazon Web Services partner. And as confirmation of this great cooperation, our team won the highest award in 2020 - we became Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner of the Year in the CEE region.

Revolgy - Google Cloud platform, Amazon Web services

Our current focus.

We focus on continuously improving the knowledge, experience and adoption of the services our customers require from Revolgy. Why? Because the changes that technology can bring are always dependent on people. Above all, on the willingness of each individual to embrace these changes and make the most of them. And we strive to bring people and technology together for the best possible outcome.

Bohuslav Dohnal - Revolgy Founder

Miroslav Vlasák - Revolgy CEO

How our customer benefits from our key focus points and why they choose Revolgy for the move to cloud? We are concentrating on the business metrics of our customers, which are always the most important to them. Watch how we do that and what the key principles are in video by our CEO Mirek.

Keys to our success.

Our mission clearly states what we are focused on and what we want to achieve. How do we want to achieve it? It's based on the values that guide us: Exceeding Expectations, Flexibility, Innovation and Teamwork.

Miroslav Vlasák - Revolgy CEO

Bohuslav Dohnal - Revolgy Founder

The values, DNA or benefits of cloud computing mean nothing without people. We know that behind the results of our 25 years in business are Revolgians. Those who have come and gone, those who work with us now, and the future Revolgians who will join us on this journey.

The future of IT.

How do we see the role of IT technologies in the future? What are the key factors of businesses that can be changed thanks to cloud computing? Mirek shares his view on this in the video.

Miroslav Vlasák - Revolgy CEO

What's next?

As is clear from our story, we want to focus on people. Our goal for the upcoming years is to continue driving business growth by simplifying the way companies work with technology but we want to add more focus to people sustainability.

For us, that means making sure all Revolgians are happy and satisfied with their jobs. They can find time for their personal growth, hobbies and families. They feel calm and focused in the hectic world of IT and they're able to deliver an even better added value to our customers. We know this is important but it's also something quite new to us all. That's why we're adding it as another core focus and will keep you posted on where we're headed. To start with, we would like to share with you a short video from our event. We had a great time, synergized forces and we are looking forward to the next 25.